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At the entrance of Zhiben Hotspring in Taitung County, Toyugi Hot Spring Resort and Spa of nearly 15 hectares has the biggest and most comprehensive hot spring Spa facilities in Zhiben area, and in recent years, it aims to restore butterflies to make the resort an eco garden where ferns native to Taitung are grown, beetles’ habitats and croquet grounds are developed—the leisure concept is incorporated into its operation.

Currently there are 38 standard rooms, 26 classic cabins, and 22 deluxe cabins that can accommodate around 300 people. In addition, there are also boardrooms for education and training. The Spa area has comprehensive modern facilities, including hot spring and water playing areas, swimming pools, sauna and steam rooms, spa area, botanical phytoncide area and infrared energy chamber; the recreation area also has a big lawn and health paths so that tourists can lightheartedly enjoy the forest spa in the quiet valley.

Toyugi Restaurant

Zhiben in Taitung is famous for hot springs. “Toyugi Hot Spring Resort and Spa” of ten some hectares, has the only one Tian Ma Ma restaurant in the hot spring district. Toyugi has a huge space and the green land enables the visitors to fully have a rest. The water of the hot spring is highly rated, and visitors can also choose to enjoy the hot spring outdoors and watch stars all over the sky.

The Tian Ma Ma, 60-something A-mei LIAO is an aboriginal Amis, and she has the food and beverage experiences for more than a decade. The aboriginal people’s traditional staple “A-Bai” is surprisingly seen in the menu. Have the sticky rice (or millet) cooked, pound the rice and make it into balls then added in the salty pork and wrap it up first with the false wintercherry leaves, then in kombuchka and finally boil or steam it. Eat A-Bai with other rice products, the more you chew it, the more delicacies you get, and that are the flavors from the mountains.

Apples are diced, together with fish sauce and shrimps cooked in the pot. The sweetness and flavors of apples is absorbed into the shrimps. The apple shrimp is A-mei LIAO’s sole creativity. Before ending the meal, have a bowl of “Carefree Dragon Soup”, which tastes sweet because of the tiger lily, pork ribs, and king oyster mushrooms. If you come to Zhiben to enjoy the hot spring, remember to have a good meal so to relax inside out.

The cooking emphasizes low sodium and oil. “The Platter of Betel Nut Flowers” has the cold betel nut flowers dressed with sauce, black beans and the pickles made of Roselle and turnips—a healthy and appetizing dish that is not common elsewhere. “Pumpkin Dong Po Pork” has the prime rated pork simmered for 4 hours and is put in the pumpkin pot so that the well-cooked supple pumpkin and braised pork strike a perfect balance in the mouth.

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