Visit Taiwan Enjoy Farm!

Taiwan's Leisure Farms

Stunning country sceneries

Ever wanted to be a "weekend farmer"?

In Taiwan, leisure farms have developed with great potential, and combine ecology, lodging and much more, so don't miss out!

1. Leisure Farms

Visiting Leisure farms is the best shortcut to understand local features.

Be a farmer as you pick fresh vegetables and taste peaches and pears, or a fisherman catching shrimps and crabs.

2. Sightseeing Orchards

One of Taiwanese's favorite pastimes on the weekends is picking and tasting fresh fruits at the orchards. In light of different elevations and climates, each region is renowned for different sightseeing farms, such as strawberry patches in Miaoli, peaches and pears in Taichung, bamboo and teas in Nantou, bananas in Pingtung. Visit sightseeing farms for an agriculture experience of picking fresh fruits, teas and bamboo firsthand, while also learn cultivation techniques.

3. Local Flavor Restaurants

Have you sampled country-cooking prepared with the freshest and richest ingredients endemic to the area, where the essences are captured in course after course of local concoctions? What can be more pleasant than to traverse through Taiwan using your “taste buds” to devour the delicate, authentic, original cuisine inherent only to the region!

4. Taiwan Country Lodging

On the coast, in the mountain, lodge in a barn or tree house. Taiwan's country lodging are built at the beautiful countryside with comfortable facilities and friendly owners. Aside from enjoying the natural environment, most lodging integrates theme activities like mountain climbing and diving for a feel of local living.

5. Farm Tourism

“Weekend farmer” has grown into a popular concept in Taiwan. Young people enjoy trying traditional crafts and the old enjoys reminiscing the past. Visit organic farms or tea plantations in Hualien, or try yogurt and ice cream DIY. Be a farmer for a day and experience the fun.