Eating Ice is Delightful! Ice Products from 18 places for Authentic Toppings and Fillings

Ice products play roles such as cooling down the sweltering hotness, satisfying the craving for tasty foods and serving as the desserts. There are numerous ice shops in Taiwan, and each has its own characteristic. The main criterion for our selection is “using local food materials”. Only those use local authentic agricultural produce and extend local features are listed. We have collected ice products from 18 places across the island, and let’s take a look now!

North- Taipei, Taoyuan

1. Strawberry Ice Cream- Farmily, White Stoness Leisure Farm Area in Neihu, Taipei<br/>Residents in Taipei often come to Neihu for strawberries. The strawberry ice cream is made by the fresh fruits grown in the garden.<br/>

There are dozens of tourism orchards in “White Stoness Leisure Farm Area” open to the public for fruit picking. It is an ideal destination for parents and children, good friends, even couples. It nears the suburbs of Taipei city so it spares traffic to go to other cities or counties

2. Lotus Seed Ice- Lin Jia Ancient House Leisure Farm, Lotus Park Leisure Agriculture Area “in Guanyin, Taoyuan<br/>Shaved ice with toppings is usually a personal preference, sometimes the volume of toppings is also depended on bosses’ moods Coming to Lin Jia Ancient House Leisure Farm where lotus are all over, the boss is very generous with the toppings, a full spoon of lotus seeds. <br/>Remember, lotus seeds are the protagonist, shaved ice only plays the supporting role. <br/>

There are dozens of leisure farms and lotus gardens growing lotus in “Lotus Park Leisure Agriculture Area “in Guanyin, Taoyuan. Here you can appreciate the beautiful lotus, savor the lotus meals and lotus seed shaved ice or sit on the royal water lily.

Center- Miaoli, Nantou

3. Milk Soft Serve, Ice Cream and Popsicles - Flying Cow Ranch, Fuxing Nanhe Recreation Farm in Miaoli <br/>Milk is the basic flavor of the soft serve. Flying Cow Ranch utilizes creativity, imagination and modern technology to bring visitors wonderful fantasies, and turns the fantasies into a real life experience. No wonder many families, enterprises or corporations choose here to chill out. <br/>

4. Red Date & Mulberry Soft Serves - HakkaFa, Gongguan Farmer’s Association

The smell is the fragrant dried red dates, and the after taste and flavor of red dates are shunting up through my nasal passages. <br/>Gongguan Farmer’s Association and Golden Town Recreation Farm promotes agritours and agricultural produce, the red date season once a year is the best time to visit this area. Aqueducts, prevailed in this Hakka village, are the treasure of our ancestors’ wisdom. Let’s go take a look at its summer scenery in Gongguan, Miaoli!<br/>

5. Snow Fungus Milk Soft Serve, Jew's Ear Chocolate Soft Serve - Magical Mushrooms Tribe<br/>On a leisure farm full of mushrooms, visitors can find snow fungus milk soft serve which is really a novel flavor.<br/>

Magical Mushrooms Tribe was founded with an aim to promote parent-and-child activities, ecological tour, LOHAS as well as yummy foods. The Magical Mushrooms Tribe is filled with fun and surprises, and visitors have the green grass lands to enjoy, the woodland of mushroom to explore and also have fun planting mushrooms.

6. Plum Essence and Enzyme Soft Serve - Dream Works of the Plums in Xinyi Township, Nantou<br/>Arrays of products in Dream Works of the Plums are so tempting. But I struggled to make my decision in front of so many choices. I bought the plum soft serve first to ease myself. <br/>

Dream Works of the Plums in Xinyi Township, Nantou located in Xinyi Township. They have developed products made from local produce featuring plums through the Forget to Go Home Winery and Plum Dancing House. With an aim to be the first winery that tells stories in Taiwan

7. Black Tea Ice Cream- Farmer’s Association in Yuchi<br/>Do you like the fragrance of No. 18 Taiwanese Tea, Ruby Black Tea or the flavor of Assam Black Tea? Coming to Yuchi Township to have ice, I have to try Black Tea Ice Cream for sure because this place is the home to Taiwanese black tea. <br/>

Dated back to Japanese Occupation period, the tea was introduced from Assam, India and tea experts were sent to visit places island wide. Finally, through the continuous efforts made by Yuchi Branch of Tea Research and Extension Station, the famous Yuchi Black Tea was produced and became the one of the main products to export during that time.

South- Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pintung

8. Mango Ice - Ice House, Yujin Farmer’s Association <br/>Foreigners are fond of tasting mango ice in Taiwan. A full plate of ice is never disappointing but one may feel sorry that his stomach is too small. <br/>

Ice House is run by Yujing Farmer’s Association. The ingredients are local fresh mango fruits and the signature mango ice and mango snow ice are both full of mangoes.

9. Goat Milk Soft Serve - Lin’s Farm<br/>Some like the smell of goat milk, and some don’t. The soft serve is made from goat milk on the farm, and I wonder if its fragrance is somewhat special? <br/>

Eating Ice is Delightful!  Ice Products from 18 places for Authentic Toppings and Fillings
Photo Courtesy: Facebook fan page of Lin’s Farm

Lin’s Farm has several different kinds of milk goats, and visitors can not only feed them pastures in the ranch area and watch their behaviors but also have guided tour in the sheep shed to understand goat’s growth stages and milk production process.

10. Cocoa Soft Serve with Yacult & Cocoa Soft Serve - Coco Sun<br/>The ingredient comes from local grown cocoa in Pintung, so the soft serve is an out and out Taiwan flavor. Cocoa trees and fruits can be found everywhere on the farm, the noticeable strength of this farm. The farm hopes to replace betel nuts with cocoas and develop related products by exerting cocoa’s small and delicate advantage. Here visitors will know the past and present of chocolates and also take part in DIY activities. <br/>

11. Popsicles, Snow Ice – Sanhua Farmer’s Association<br/>Sanhua Farmer’s Association has been selling ice for 20 some years, which makes it one of the seasoned farmer’s associations in ice industry. The most famous product is Popsicle, which sells well. <br/>

12. Every Persimmon as You Like It - Fanlu Farmer’s Association <br/>Fanlu Township grows persimmons, and the persimmon ice cream is brilliant! “Every Persimmon as You Like It” has a unique flavor with the ice cream as the filling inside the dried persimmon. <br/>

Eating Ice is Delightful!  Ice Products from 18 places for Authentic Toppings and Fillings
Photo Courtesy: Fanlu Farmer’s Association

13. Love Mango Popsicle, Golden Diamond Pineapple Popsicle, Litchi with Coconut Popsicle, Pineapple Popsicle - Dashu Farmer’s Association (Gushan Warehouse) <br/>The most famous produce in Dashu, Kaohsiung are pineapple and litchi and the farmer’s association has made them into ice products. The Popsicle is full of pulps. <br/>

Eating Ice is Delightful!  Ice Products from 18 places for Authentic Toppings and Fillings
Photo Courtesy: Dashu Farmer’s Association

14. Adzuki Bean Popsicle - Wandan Farmer’s Association<br/>Taiwanese are all aware of the quality adzuki beans in Wandan, if you want to taste the adzuki bean Popsicle, how can you miss the one presented by Wandan Farmer’s Association?<br/>

Eating Ice is Delightful!  Ice Products from 18 places for Authentic Toppings and Fillings
Photo Courtesy: Wandan Farmer’s Association

East- Hualien, Taitung

15. Sugar Apple Soft Serve - Custard Apple <br/>If you run across sugar apple soft serve in Taitung, you have to get one and taste it. After all, Taitung is the production center of sugar apples, how can you miss such a local flavor? The sugar apple tastes sweet, and the ice cream carries a tad of natural fragrance of it. <br/>

“Custard Apple” is founded by a young man who came back to his home town from Chulu county, in hope to infuse creativity and fun to agriculture in Taitung. Desserts and souvenirs are made by local produce.

16. Puffed Rice Ice Cream - Rice Specialty Shop, Chishang Farmer’s Association Originally I was thinking to buy some rice, I saw ice cream were sold there although on the signboard, it shows puffed rice in Chishang. So I was at lost for a while, then I paid for an ice cream and shopped around while relishing the treat. Happy!

17. Strawberry Ice Cream - 713 Farm <br/>713 Farm grows strawberries and their homemade strawberry ice cream was a break through at the time when it was introduced to the public. Rice and strawberry pulp are added into the ice cream. Even the crispy cone is made from rice bran. <br/>

713 Farm is right by the bicycle lane around the Guanshan Township in Taitung county. Its strawberry is very popular. The ice cream looks dense and the texture and consistency are great!

18. Jack Fruit Ice Cream - Mino Ice<br/>In Beinan Township, Taitung County, there is an ice shop with history that emphasizes using local and fresh food materials to make ice, Mino Ice. Some flavors are beyond my imagination, such as the bamboo and jack fruit flavors. Make it in your to eat list! <br/>

“Gaodingshan Leisure Farm Area” is the emerging agricultural leisure and recreation area in Taitung. Asides from fruits and tea production, the view in Meinong Highland is very outstanding in Taitung area.

18. Taro Popsicle, Taro Ice Cream - Ginong Ice Shop, Farmer’s Association in Gian Township<br/>Ginong Ice Shop is run by Gian Farmer's Association, and it is an ice shop with history that is always found in travel books. Taro popsicle and ice cream are flavors you don’t want to miss, and the pumpkin flavor is also special to get a try! <br/>