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An Agro Tour in Tung-Flower Season

Where to go to see the beauty of tung blossom in central and northern recreation farms? We compile a list of some places for your information.

Starting in May, layers of whiteness cover the hills in the central and northern Taiwan which indicate it’s the season of tung blossom. To make the trip more interesting, scenic spots in the neighborhood should be included as well. There are plenty of travel resources in the recreation farms, such as farmer’s markets, DIY activities, and local featured foods, etc. Therefore, it is a smart choice to go see the flowers in the surroundings of these recreation farms.

In this article, you will find the tung blossom trails near the recreation farms so to plan your own itinerary. Seize the time; the flowers are beautiful but the blooming period is only 7 days. Come hit the road!
An Agro Tour in Tung-Flower Season
Keelung- Maling RecreationFarm

Malingkeng River and Youna River are on the Maling Recreation Farm. The water is clean and the ecology is diversified. This is an evergreen broad leaf area with high moisture and rainfall so there is a wide range of plants. <br/><br/>There is plenty of agricultural produce in this region, especially the yam, tree plum, buntan (shaddock), old ham bamboo shoots and Makino bamboo shoots. The well known “Keelung Yam” is an endemic species and its delicate texture and good quality makes it deserve the fame. <br/><br/>As the recreation farms are getting more and more popular, many relevant tourist spots have developed, such as Green Valley Recreation Farm, Yeshan Herbal Garden, Wenliang Recreation Farm, Tiancai Recreation Farm, and Jinmingchang Recreation Farm, etc., to give visitors fruit picking and farming experiences, as well as opportunities for hiking and tasting local produce.

Recommended Flower Watching Spot—
Qi-du Malingkeng Hydrophilic trail/ Ma-xi Tung blossom Watching Trail

Taoyuan- Dabeikeng Recreation Farm

Dabeikeng Recreation Farm is founded in 2018; it lies on the hills elevated at 300 - 400 meters. The most important produce is tea and it is one of the oldest tea production regions in the Hakka community. Its most renowned tea is oriental beauty.

Sankeng Old Street

Sanhe Trail

Eastern Forest Tung Trail/ Baojia Historic Trail

Taoyuan- Yuemei RecreationFarm

Yuemei community in Daxi is a small farm next to Daxi Old Street with a vast rice field, and it has the view of stretched Dahanxi river bed, century-old aqueducts rich in aquatic life, beautiful farm ponds and a national heritage “Lee Teng-fan's Ancient Residence”.

Zhaiming Temple Historic Trail

Hsinchu- Zhaomeng RecreationFarm

This is a traditional and beautiful Hakka park which spreads on the hill with a size of 300 hectares. The bag shaped valley terrain is composed of five Hügellands and each has its unique scenery. Here you can find all sorts of farm village experiences such as local food tasting, and DIY activities to make child toys. <br/><br/>For travelers who enjoy hiking, fruit picking, flower watching or the nature, Zhaomeng Recreation Farm in Xinpu is a good choice because it has 3 trails encompassing the hilltop and the facility enables visitors to safely enjoy the views. Besides, several smaller sized leisure farms for dinning, DIY of child toys, sticky rice cake, and pounding tea can be found on this recreation farm.

Jiucyqionghu trails (Jiyue, Jiufu, and Guan-nan trails)

Jupu Trail, Longjing Trail (Jupu Organic Leisure Farm)

Hsinchu- Dashanbei RecreationFarm

Hengshan village in Hsinchu county is also named Dashanbei because the terrain looks like a standing blade. Dashanbei Recreation Farm is rich in all sorts of cultural and natural scenery that not only makes Taiwan more beautiful but attracts visitors from other places to explore its beauty. Besides, several historic trails within the farm are hikers’ must-visit, such as Qilong Historic Trail and Chahu Historic Trail, etc., these mountain trails have primal scenery that are within reach.

Dashanbei Cultural and Ecological Park

Dashanbei Tung Blossom Scenic Trail (Chating Historic Trail, Qilong Historic Trail, and Daqijiang Historic Trail)

Hsinchu- Shierliao RecreationFarm

Shierliao (liao means shack in Chinese) is near the Ermei lake. In early days, this place produced camphor oil and therefore was called the camphor shack. Later its name was changed to Shierliao because it was ranked 12th in the camphor oil production. <br/><br/>The renowned views on the farm are Ermei Lake and the surrounding mountains as well as Shierliao trail, while the bike trail perfectly designed for biking attracts travelers who enjoy bike riding for sightseeing. In its early days, Shierliao Recreation Farm was developed based on the agricultural regions and the citrus and shaddocks account for most of its produce.

Shierliao Historic Trail

Ermei Lake Trail

Miaoli- Sanwan Pear RecreationFarm

The hill terrain is located in the south of Yongheshan Reservoir and it has a great view in the surroundings. There are fruit picking and ecology for observation as well as biking for farm sightseeing here. Or follow the trails to go into the mountains and take the phytoncide shower. It is the backyard of Hsinchu and Taichung rich in agro tourism resources. The objective of the farm is to develop the produce by 6 grades, promote the food agriculture education, market the LOHAS products and put pesticide free farming into practice.

Yongheshan Reservoir Trail

Miaoli- Nanjiang RecreationFarm

The most representative produce is trout. It used to be the largest production center of trout. With the rising of leisure industry, the trout stores that only ran restaurants were gradually transformed into leisure farms so the visitors can not only relish the fresh trout cuisines, but also stay longer, and even visit the trout farming center. In addition, Nanjiang Recreation Farm is comprehensively equipped and rivers in many places are free of pollution. There are even camping sites which make this farm the urbanites’ favorite destination.

Penglai River Fish Reserve Trail

Yuanwuchang Trail

Shenzhuoshan Tung Blossom Path

Xiaotunghe Trail

Miaoli- Fuxing Nanhe RecreationFarm

Fuxing Nanhe RecreationFarm is a LOHAS base against mountains with Tiaotan Historic Trail, Tiziqi Historic Trail, Longgouqi Historic Trail, and Tiaoyan Historic Trail, etc. Our ancestors used the passages across mountains to Sanyi County, and Tungluo County. The green scenery makes it a good place for those enjoy the mountains and exploring natures. The Flying Cow Ranch, leisure farms and distinctive ecological leisure farms even move the business towards international tourism to attract foreign visitors.

Fuzhixinglin Community

Santend Coffee Estate

Miaoli- Golden Town RecreationFarm

Golden Town Recreation Farm still remains the agricultural production of Hakka communities, and the main crops include rice, persimmon, taro, strawberry, monochoria, and passion fruit, etc. In the old days, it was famous for pottery. This is also the only place in Taiwan that produces jujube, which is getting popularity in these years. Besides, its woven straw and bamboo art industries are also distinctive. <br/><br/>Golden Town emphasizes health and several bike lanes are designed for those enjoy slow life and appreciate bucolic scenery. There are also several garden restaurants or eateries that are known for jujube cuisines or Hakka gourmets on the farm.


Chuhuangkeng Historic Trail

Four Season Colorful Forest Tung Blossom Trail

Miaoli- Malabang RecreationFarm

Malabang Recreation Farm is located at Mt. Malabang in Dahu Township, Miaoli County. The name of Mt. Malabang comes from Taiya people’s language “Manapan” , meaning the magnificent mountains. It is 1406 meters above sea level and the highest mountain in Dahu Township. The peach and pear blossoms in Spring, green bamboos in Summer, or plum blossoms in Winter all have its own charm. <br/><br/>There are many hiking trails in this area. Coming from Dongxing village either at the hillsides such as Beileng hiking gate or Longji Lake, visitors will find many peach and plum trees and in their harvest seasons, there are always crowds coming hiking and picking the fruits.

Dawo Ecological Park Trail

Miaoli- Old Mountain Line Recreation Farm

Old Mountain Line Recreation Farm in Sanyi Township has the old train rail area in the center and it spreads outward, including Longteng village and Shengxing village, and the landscape is mainly hills. The farm has a size of 484.4541 hectares and the produce includes camellia oil, Chinese mesona, pickled Chinese cabbage, dried prune, aged ginger, peach, pear, citrus and flowers. Renowned scenic spots are Shengxing train station in the north, Longteng bridge in the south and there are all kinds of hakka rice, hakka cuisine and distinctive processed agricultural produce. It’s always crowded with visitors on holidays.

Waizhuangshan Tung Blossom Trail

Tiaochai Historic Trail

Xiaoxihu Trail

April Snow Tung Trail

Tiaotan Historic Trail (Santungling Historic Trail)

Longteng Bridge

Taichung- Shishuike Recreation Farm

The farm covers Jiufang, Jinxing village in Shigang district and Zhongzheng village in Xinshe village. There are several famous scenic spots on the farm, including the longest scenic wooden bridge in the Far East, Lover’s Bridge, Wufulingmen sacred tree, and the King of Tree Touristic Plant Garden. Shinong Café in the Shinong Square next to the Lover’s Bridge is an important landmark on Shishuike Recreation Farm.

Shigang Tuniu Hakka Cultural Hall

Dongshi Forest Garden

Taichung- Shuiliutung Recreation Farm

Shuiliutung Recreation Farm (tung means east in Chinese) is named after local scenic spot. The rivers in the western Taiwan mostly flow to the west. During the Japanese Occupation period, the Japanese inducted the water source of Da-an river to irrigate rice fields in Houli and Waipu by building Houli canal “SHuiliutung” which became a unique irrigation ditch directing water to flow eastwards. Shuiliutung is about 2 kilometers long, and there are tree shades on both banks of the ditch. Tung trees were planted here more than a decade ago. There is a holiday farmer’s market on one end of the tung blossom trail and a high speed rail observatory on the other.

Tung Blossom Trail in Yongfen Village, Waipu District

Yilan- Zhongshan Recreation Farm

Zhongshan Recreation Farm is located on the upstream of Dongshan river which is one of the sources of Dongshan River and the size is about 806 hectares and tea trees and shaddocks are the main plantation. Forest reserve is on most of this farm; therefore, it is a nice destination for eco-tour in Yilan county. Because of the great geography with surrounding mountains and good weather, tea industry is prosperous here. Local business people unleash their creativity and offer various tea art related DIY activities. A great number of domestic and foreign tourists are attracted to visit here and it becomes one of the must-go scenic spots in Yilan.

Renshan Botanical Garden

Nantou- Nuomi Bridge Recreation Farm

It is located in Beigang village in Guoxing Township, a typical little rural village. Because the county designate “Nuomi Bridge” is right here, the recreation farm is named after it. The farm covers the whole Beigang village, and the residents are industrious and frugal Hakka people. The great nature and the Hakka hospitality gives this community in the green valley excellent tourism resources.

Tung Blossom Trail on Ershili Rd. in Beigang Village

Yunlin- Huashan Recreation Farm

Huashan area has plenty of good nature resources. Many hiking trails are seen in the mountain, and it has enjoyed popularity for a while since several years ago. Huanshan Literature Trail is the first trail that themes literature. <br/><br/>Coffee is already a rooted culture in Huashan area. Gukeng night view is always appraised. So in the day time, visitors can go hiking as well as drink coffee and in the night time watch the starry sky. How pleasing!

Hebaoshantonghua Park

Taitung- Chulu Recreation Farm

Chulu Recreation Farm has coffee and plum production and marketing groups, places such as Yuanshen Botanical Garden, Chulu Ranch, and Lantian Leisure Farm, etc., for visitors’ to refresh themselves.

Longtian Blossom Avenue

Wuling Green Tunnel

Huanlian- Tongfeng Recreation Farm

Tongfeng Recreation Farm is in the fine fields of Huadong Valley. Tiefen Falls on the farm offers camping site and water spot for parents and kids to enjoy. Fireflies and butterflies can also be seen here in November. Some spinoff products from the shaddocks are jams, vinegar, enzyme and shaddock dish, etc. <br/><br/>There is plenty of rice crop views on the County Highway 193 in the neighborhood of Dongfeng. The serene countryside is the biggest production area of organic rice in Yuli town. The endless rice fields are a pleasing view. Dongfeng is the most classic country village on the county highway and the main produce is rice and shaddock. Because of the large area of plantation, the bloom in winter is mesmerizing.

Walami Trail