Parent-Child Light Travel One Day Trip to Baishihu (White Stoness Lake) for Strawberry and Hiking

Do you have the following symptoms when it comes to weekend or holiday--wanna get away from the roaring city and embrace the nature? Wanna bring children to experience the nature but don’t want to get stuck in the traffic and feel like saving the hassles of long journey? If a resounding YES for those living in the metropolitan Taipei, “Baishihu Leisure Farm Area”, rich in biological farms and walking paths, can be the secret getaway for city dwellers.

Strawberry Picking Parent and Children Having Fun in the Trip

Baishihu is an unusual rural area still preserving the feeling of the agricultural time in Greater Taipei Area. It produces white sedimentary sand rocks so it gets the name. In recent years, it is transformed to a leisure farm area growing strawberries. Every December through May is the harvest season that waves of people surge into the strawberry gardens in Neihu. We came to Meipu Leisure Farm on the early morning; it is a multifunctional space with a strawberry garden, a vegetable garden and the cafe area. Strawberries growing in the greenhouse attract parents to bring the children to experience picking since there is no worries of getting muddy with the pants. <br/>Please be noted that the strawberry gardens in Neihu usually open at 11am on weekends or holidays and will hang a sign saying “Quota of the Day Already Picked” when the daily volume for picking is reached. We recommend those who want to pick strawberries arrive earlier and wait in line to get in.

Parent-Child Light Travel One Day Trip to Baishihu (White Stoness Lake) for Strawberry and Hiking

If strawberry picking is not enough, there are hand making courses available. The staff brought the strawberry cookie with the shape of mascot Bear of Taipei 2017 Universiade, the kids were excited to make one to bring home. “Let’s draw the shape with the icing sugar, then fill sugar in circle by circle from the center. The cookie surface may be uneven after the icing is filled , so we use toothpick or our hand to make it even. Everyone followed the teacher to create their own bear, by using the toothpick to get the sesame for the eyes and the white icing to draw. <br/><br/>

Parent-Child Light Travel One Day Trip to Baishihu (White Stoness Lake) for Strawberry and Hiking

In addition to the strawberry, Meipu also has other vegetables and fruits for experience activities. There are passion fruits, pitayas and tomatoes in June through November and fruit corn and cherry tomatoes in July and August; so that the children can enjoy the fun of being little famers all year round. Adults can sit in the cafe with green views and enjoy the casual atmosphere in the garden.

Parent-Child Light Travel One Day Trip to Baishihu (White Stoness Lake) for Strawberry and Hiking

Dragon Bone Suspension Bridge Strolling to Experience the Nature

Coming to Baishihu area, we recommend to start from the Baishihu Suspension Bridge next to the Bi-shan-yan Parking Lot. The bridge is built in unique structural method with an image of the dragonbone, so the bridge looks like a flying dragon passing through the mountain valley, stretching across Mt. Zhongyong and Mt. Daluntou in Neihu. There is no sling to block the vision so that the view is fully stretched in front of the visitors. The unique view also becomes a popular scenic spot in Neihu that many tourists stop by to take pictures.

Parent-Child Light Travel One Day Trip to Baishihu (White Stoness Lake) for Strawberry and Hiking

A pathway named “ Spring and Autumn Walking Path” is after the suspension bridge. It is flat so is good for both the kids and the elders. There are different kinds of flowers growing on the sideways of the path; therefore, the views will change along with the seasons. The pathway leads to the wetland in the back of Baishihu and there is a heart shaped flower garden created by the farmers as well as a Tongxin pond formed by natural fountain and a wooden observation deck where tourists can have an overview of Baishihu. It is highly recommended for those in search of a tranquil surrounding.<br/>Next to the Tongxin pond is a Couple Tree Rest Area. Two flourishing red nammu growing shoulder to shoulder as if a couple lean close to each other. If physical strength permitted, there is the highest mountain in Neihu, Mt. Daluntou, as well as the well known geological landscape, Dragon Boat Rock, for challenge.

Parent-Child Light Travel One Day Trip to Baishihu (White Stoness Lake) for Strawberry and Hiking

Organic Farm The Common Good between People and Ecology

“Farmer Martin” Qingli LIN came from a family making a living by selling strawberries. As he grew up, he realized the harm pesticides do to the crops and human bodies so he turned to quality agriculture-- pesticide free and no fertilizer farming. He grows strawberry, juicy peach, citrus, cherry tomato, and vegetables such as cabbage, water spinach, kakarot, etc and gets the organic certification. Besides, Mr. Lin integrates organic farming into educational promotion, he teaches people how to loosen the soil, grow, water and harvest the plants through camping activities. Searching the delicious snack, caozai guo and making the tasty strawberry jam in the farm enable the urban children to experience farm to table and try the organic food.

Parent-Child Light Travel One Day Trip to Baishihu (White Stoness Lake) for Strawberry and Hiking

Walking on the path full of tree shades is so relaxing. Let’s go to mountains and forests and sit on the chessboard stone to watch the beautiful lake scenery from a distance. Every February, there is also cherry blossom on both sides of the pathway leading to Bishanyan. “Baishihu Leisure Farm Area” is the best choice for the whole family to experience fruit picking and flower watching!

Meipu Tourism Orchard

Add: No. 38-2 Bishan Rd., Neihu District, Taipei CIty<br/>TEL: (02)27902492.(02)27951108<br/>Website:http://s-garden.myweb.hinet.net/ <br/>Open for fruit picking at 11am on holidays. No admission when the daily fruit quota is picked. Call for inquiry on weekdays. <br/>

Grass, flower and fruit organic farm

Add : No. 38, Bishan Rd., Neihu District, Taipei City<br/>TEL: 0975638765.(02)27902706<br/>Website:https://www.facebook.com/martinfarmers/ <br/>

Baishihu Suspension Bridge

Add: Near No.26, Bishan Rd., Neihu District, Taipei City<br/><br/>Transportation:<br/>● Bus: Take Bus Xiao 2 to Bishanyan Station, after getting off the bus, follow the sign of the suspension bridge and walk about 1 minute<br/>● Driving: Neihu Rd. towards Donghu and turn left on Jin-long Rd., then drive forward along Bishan Rd. (Follow the sign to Bishanyan)<br/>● Parking Lot: free parking in front of the Kaizhang Shengwang Temple in Bishanyan<br/>