TianMaMa Handmade Bakery for Afternoon Tea Desserts
臺中市 嘉義縣 桃園市

TianMaMa Handmade Bakery for Afternoon Tea Desserts

Try the featured afternoon tea in Taichung; look for the creative pastry in Chiayi; Snap Up the breads well worth the value in Taoyuan. An overview of 3 kinds of TianMaMa handmade bakeries

About TianMaMa Brand
“TianMaMa” is not a restaurant but a brand name, which is established with the instruction under Council of Agriculture and it is the guidelines for food safety, nutrition and food processing in restaurants. The food materials are from local produce to be low carbon diet; the cooking emphasizes 3 lows and 1 high: low oil, low sodium, low sugar, and high fiber.
TianMaMa restaurants enable women all over Taiwan to utilize their expertise and integrate local food materials to start their own business as well as to boost local consumption and tourism. TianMaMa restaurants are always the best choice to understand local agricultural produce, enjoy healthy cooking and taste the delicious cuisines.
TianMaMa Handmade Bakery for Afternoon Tea Desserts
Re-innovation of a Centennial Store-- Jute Confectionery
Jute can be made of hemp ropes and jute bags and therefore it is a very important crop of early days. Taichung city in the Japanese occupied period was a key region growing and exporting jute. Hemp is the new leaves and sprouts of jute and it tastes bitter. It is one of the food materials for residents living in Nantun. The older generation would make jute soup in the summertime because it can clear the fire and disperse the summer heat.
Jute Confectionery founded in 1866 is a confectionery of a history more than a hundred years. The 4th generation, TianMaMa- Fumei CHEN, incorporated hemp into the pastry and dessert. And the 5th generation took over the business in recent years that the store is renovated into a afternoon tea dessert store, with an attempt to make it fit into modern diet habits. Pastry is the highlight of the confectionery and the hemp is creatively brought into the desserts. There are various unique choices here.
TianMaMa Handmade Bakery for Afternoon Tea Desserts
To make hemp the material of desserts, the bitter taste of jute needs to be ridden of first. The process is time and labor consuming that the jute leaves are grinded back and forth till the bitter juice is drained so to bring the sweet flavor. 5kg of jute can only produce 0.5kg of hemp, which is not high in an era striving for efficiency and that really shows the fascinating craftsman’s spirit.
The handmade experience in the store is making small scholar cakes. Customers rub the half finished product made of mung beans, hemps and black sesames till it gets softer and then put it into the wooden mould. Press it hard then get it out of the mould. Tada! The afternoon tea dessert is done. The desserts are small and cute and because they are handmade by the customers so that makes them even more adorable.
TianMaMa Handmade Bakery for Afternoon Tea Desserts
The money niche cake often seen on the altar is rarely seen in other confectionary, but it cannot be missed in such a centennial confectionary. To make it a better fit to modern diet habit, the cake is made even smaller and more delicate to go along with tea. The hemp jelly has the grassy sweetness and tastes from a tad of bitterness to slight sweetness. It quenches the thirst in the summertime and perfectly interprete the feature of hemp. The hemp chiffon cake has a fluffy texture that keeps the aroma of hemp but not the bitter taste that makes it popular. We recommend to have a cup of hemp latte to go with the cake, totally creative!
TianMaMa Handmade Bakery for Afternoon Tea Desserts
Start up from a Garage and the Signature Pecan Pie is a Must Try - Persimmon Handmade Bakery
Siyun ZHANG is the TianMaMa of the second generation. She watched her mom cooking in the kitchen in her childhood that she naturally falls in love with the process of making delicious food. In the beginning of the startup, she put simple equipment in her garage and started baking. The first order was her sister's’ wedding cake.
TianMaMa Handmade Bakery for Afternoon Tea Desserts
The signature food in Persimmon is pecan pie, and we can tell how many materials are used by seeing its cut face. The filling is full of pecans so the bites are full of the aroma of pecan nuts. In addition, the pure longan honey produced locally brings a slight sweetness to the flavor. The pecan pie tastes not dry nor greasy that makes it a popular product. And it is the best choice for afternoon tea. It can be the wedding cake for giveaway as well, and the recipients will definitely know the married couple is the connoisseur for food and creativity by having a bite of the pie.
TianMaMa Handmade Bakery for Afternoon Tea Desserts
What is the secret to make the “Persimmon Cake” which was once chosen to be the best souvenir of the year in Chiayi? Persimmon is the famous produce in Fanlu Village, Chiayi County. The persimmon cake utilizes local persimmon and pearl pineapple as the filling. It takes 6 hours simply to boil the pineapple filling. The sourness and sweetness of the pineapple and the mouthfeel of the persimmon blend a unique flavor.
Following Persimmon Handmade Bakery on facebook, you can see the product updates- both the pictures and text descriptions are the feast for the eyes. The products are free of artificial flavor and aroma, and the ingredients used are from local farmers; both can be seen how much effort Persimmon Bakery has made.
Banana Rice Cake is a great example. In order to promote rice, Persimmon joined a gastronomy competition and used Taiwanese rice instead of flour, with banana, there the Banana Rice Cake is. It not just is creative in the ingredients, but also helps the banana farmers to solve the dull sale of bananas, a stone of two birds.
Next time on your way to Mt. Ali, we recommend you to stop by and get some cakes on the trip. You will enjoy it and when leaving Mt. Ali, you may want to stop by again!
TianMaMa Handmade Bakery for Afternoon Tea Desserts
Seckilled Bread with Limited Quantity-- Qiao Fu Rice Bakery
Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons are the busiest time in Farmers’ Association, Pingzheng District. The aroma emanates in the building of the Farmers’ Association when the bread comes out of the oven. People come here for the fresh bread. If you come slowly then you will have to wait a few more days. Among the product items, the handmade bread is the most popular. It is the signature delicacy in Qiao Fu Rice Bakery and it is always gone once placed on the shelf.
The bread has great mouthfeel because it is kept in the fridge for 18 hours and fermented naturally so the strains in the dough can be fully developed. The making process emphasizes low oil, low sugar and no artificial flavor and substantial ingredients are used. The whole wheat bread is made of Wheat Taichung Sel.2 grown by local farmers that serves the purpose of using local food materials. The bread is delicious and affordable that many become the fans once they have tried it.
TianMaMa Handmade Bakery for Afternoon Tea Desserts
The swiss roll is another item that shows creativity and uses local food materials to present local flavor. The powder of Taiwan rice variety “TNGS22” is used to substitute the flour so that the cake carries the unique aroma of taro rice. There are original, meat floss and azuki bean flavors that cater to local tastes. It is a good choice to go with the afternoon tea!
Since it is handmade and due to the limited capacity of the equipment, there is only 200 loaves of bread out of the oven each time. People who are a big fan of bread must time well and come get your loaf of bread!
TianMaMa Handmade Bakery for Afternoon Tea Desserts
Jute Confectionery

Add: No. 94, Sec.1, Wanhe Rd., Nantun District, Taichung City
TEL: 04-23899857, 0937-439397(Ms. LIN)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AromaSH.tw/

Persimmon Handmade Bakery

Add: No. 10, 8th Neighborhood, Xinfu Village, Fanlu Township, Chiayi County
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/田媽媽柿菓子手作烘焙坊-287050567994047/

Qiao Fu Rice Bakery

Add: No.2, Nandong Rd., Pingzhen District, Taoyuan City
TEL: 03-4395333#166