Everyone Needs Traveling, Not Exclusive for Youth; Grandpas and Grandmas Can Have Fun, too!

Written by Senior Editor Xue-yao KUO and Senior Travel Editor, Rabbit

Pingtung, located in the southernmost on Taiwan island, with the well-developed agriculture-and-fishery industry, it also does its utmost to promote tourism and integrate both to become a thriving area for agri-tour activities in recent years. The cold spells in winter times have less impact on the temperature here while the summer heat is not as stuffy as that in Taipei, so it makes an ideal destination for grandpas and grandmas to visit. This time we will take you to Ligang and Donggang in Pingtung, to enjoy a trip even the elders can have fun, too!

Natural Garden Restaurant
Natural Garden Restaurant by Laonong Riverbank in Ligang Pingtung builds a serene and relaxing natural space to fully relax people’s body, mind and spirit. The owner, Wenping WU is native to Pingtung. Because he likes herbs and flowers and he hopes to promote his hometown’s agricultural economy, he gradually made his ideal dreamland come true with the hope that when everyone walks into the leisure farm, he or she would forget the worldly bothers and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere without distractions.
He adopts herbs such as lavender, lemongrass, rosemary, and mint plus all kinds of flowers as the subject, and keeps the precious indigenous fish species in Gaoping River, frogs and butterflies in the farm as the embellishment. It is not only a garden for the public to get away from the uproars, but also the best environment for parent-child interactions and learning. In addition to groups of students for field trips, there are also families, even with 3 generations, coming here to enjoy a wonderful vacation.
Everyone Needs Traveling, Not Exclusive for Youth; Grandpas and Grandmas Can Have Fun, too!
To make all tourists of different age groups have fun, asides from the popular “Getting in Touch with Herbs” which is welcomed by all age groups, the farm also designed various agri-tour activities such as Tournaments, Card Making, and Looking for Corbicula Fluminea which are popular among children; hand made jams and herb cookies that mothers desire to try or DIY mosquito repellents made by essential oils for the elders to experience. When hungry, tourists can head straight to the restaurant in the farm to relish the signature dishes such as lemongrass-spicy squid, thyme-and-red-wine beef stew, and parsley pork ribs. Their fragrant smell and rich mouth feel really astonishes the grandpas and grandmas!
Everyone Needs Traveling, Not Exclusive for Youth; Grandpas and Grandmas Can Have Fun, too!
Donggang Donglong Temple
Plenty of residents in Donggang Pingtung make their livings by fishing. To pray for safety during the voyage, the local has formed a worship culture in temples and there is even a “Ceremony of Plague Offering” which is held every 3 years. The main deity, Lord WEN, worshipped in Donggang Donglong Temple is said to guard and protect the boats coming in and going out, hence it becomes one of the local fishermen’s beliefs. More than the locals, there are also grandpas and grandmas from other cities or counties to pay respects to Lord WEN, Jade Emperor, and Avalokiteśvara and pray for a safe journey and a happy family, surrounded by the incense smokes.
Everyone Needs Traveling, Not Exclusive for Youth; Grandpas and Grandmas Can Have Fun, too!
Donggang Port Fish Product Sales Center
In the early days, fishermen brought the fish and shrimps caught in the morning by the trail nets back to Donggang Port, put their fish stocks in the basins and had their stalls with basins spread out on the ground and hawked for sale. Later on, it gradually became a market and attracted a plethora of tourists for shopping. The local people named the tourists who were well dressed and spent big “Overseas Chinese”, and the market was therefore the “Overseas Chinese Market”. And then the fishermen’s association in Donggang District, complying with Council of Agriculture’s policy “New Look for Fish Ports” and promoting the upgrade of fishery industry and diversification of fish port functions, renovated the market into a 4,950- square-meter tourism fish market with better local features and name it as “Donggang Port Fish Product Sales Center ”.
Everyone Needs Traveling, Not Exclusive for Youth; Grandpas and Grandmas Can Have Fun, too!
The sunset market by the Donggang Ferry has the fresh fish area, raw food area, deli area, fish souvenir area and food stalls. It provides all sorts of fresh seafood and fish stocks and there is also cooking service available. Walking into the market, tourists will hear the vendors’ hawking which is nothing strange to the elders since it’s a traditional vendor way.
Unlike in other markets, shoppers leave after shopping or having meals, the center serves the recreational function and offers the stage for performances. Shoppers can stroll to the sea-watching square in the rooftop space and enjoy a drink; they can also watch the light show all around after dusk. The color changing effects, different from trendy and young atmosphere, will make the elders acclaim!
Everyone Needs Traveling, Not Exclusive for Youth; Grandpas and Grandmas Can Have Fun, too!
Fuwan Café Villa
In order to minimalize the pollution impacts on the environment, the ecological engineering method is the highest guiding principle for the villa construction. Starting from the dilapidated fish pond, it took 2 years to build up the green architecture, 3 years to pave the stone road, and another 5 years to prepare the soil and grow the trees: all efforts are made to live peacefully with the nature and run a sustainable business. This is “Fuwan Café Villa” in Dapeng Bay, Pingtung. The white main building for restaurant and rest purposes is modern with a strong traditional feeling; it is a green architecture built with the concept of “reunion and harvest” of traditional quadrangle house in Taiwan. The room temperature remains at 27º C year round, hence whether it is the cold winter or hot summer, this is definitely a great place to relax and enjoy delicacy for the elders who pay attention to health and well-being.
Everyone Needs Traveling, Not Exclusive for Youth; Grandpas and Grandmas Can Have Fun, too!
“God bestows the land by the inlet” so Fuwan Café Villa serves creative dishes made of fresh fish stocks caught on that day and seasonal fruits and vegetables, in Japanese and French cooking styles. Besides, cocoa trees are important local produce that chocolates are therefore the best souvenirs can’t be missed.
Fuwan Café Villa team applied ingenious ideas, blending in charcoal brown sugar from Tainan, sea salt in Hengchun, sakura shrimp in Pingtung with the chocolate and successfully brought the generic brand chocolate on the international stage and won the champion of Youth Competition World Championship and the bronze medal of IBA Cup Pastry. And Fuwan Café Villa is the only Taiwanese shop listed in International Chocolate Awards (ICA).
If interested, tourists can register the “DIY chocolate” activity, even the elders are more than welcomed. The instructor will go through steps in details and provide assistance from melting the chocolate and hand making shape to adding the sakura shrimps and almonds. Grandpas and grandmas often laugh out loudly when they get their finish goods of hand made chocolates and that marks a perfect period for the journey.
Everyone Needs Traveling, Not Exclusive for Youth; Grandpas and Grandmas Can Have Fun, too!

Grandpas and grandmas, are you still sitting and idling in front of the television? Travelling is not the activity exclusive to youth. Arrange a trip to Pingtung, either by yourselves or together with your children and grand children, you will have fun!

Note1: IBA is a world-renowned bakery trade fair with Germany as the host country. It is held every 3 years and the participants come from more than 160 countries. The competition is known as the bakery Olympics.
Note2: International Chocolate Award is an important recognition in the chocolate industry. It was formed by members from England, America and Italy in 2012 with an objective to promote the global development of chocolate.

Natural Garden Restaurant(薰之園香草休閒農場)

Add: No.126 Guojiang Rd., Ligang Township, Pingtung County
TEL: (08)772-2077

Donggang Donglong Temple(東港東隆宮)

Add: No. 21-1 Donglong Street, Donggang Township, Pingtung County
TEL: (08)832-2374,832-2961

Donggang Port Fish Product Sales Center (Donggang Overseas Chinese Market)(東港漁港漁產品直銷中心(東港華僑市場))

Add: No 39 Chaolong Rd., Donggang Township, Pingtung County
TEL: (08)833-9969

Donggang Fuwan Café Villa(東港福灣莊園)

Add: No. 100 Dapeng Rd., Donggang Township, Pingtung County
TEL: (08)832-0888