Brew, Flowers, Honey Longan gift box

Brew, Flowers, Honey Longan gift box

As to Lake of Heaven Leisure Farm, “longan” is the crop with longest history and profoundest impact on local culture. The farm particularly presents its charming flavor with the whole tree in the most natural way . In this gift box include the brew , flowers and honey , three kinds of agricultural production. Longan brew baked in old kiln : with the selection of the variety of “Fenker” and adhering to the tradition of manual wood-burning , the dried longan pulps baked in 50-year-old kiln are stewed and brewing all day long. Longan flower tea : Longan flowersn in full bloom are shaken twice a day at the peak hours of nectar secretion. The aroma of pollen and the sweetness of nectar fully present in the tea fusion. Longan honey : it is collected by laborious bees during the flowering period , and only the collection from middle stage is taken.

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