Date with black-faced spoonbill

Date with black-faced spoonbill
The “Taijiang Black-faced Spoonbill Season” has arrived.

The 2014 “Taijiang Black-faced Spoonbill Season” will be unveiled by the “Taijiang National Park Black-faced Spoonbill Season Opening Declaration and Art Parade Festival” in the Wu Yuan Cultural Center in Tainan. The event will begin at 2:00 P.M. and will celebrate the 5th anniversary of Taijiang National Park. The event was organized based on the concept of an exposition, designing a variety of static displays, film presentations, Q&A, and interactive games, sharing the joy with visitors. Last but not least, the event ended with an art parade featuring birds, animals and plants in Taijiang wetland. The parade started from Wu Yuan Cultural Center at 4:00 P.M. and was led by Director-General Lu, staff members and volunteers of the national park. Teachers and students of schools around Taijiang wetland also participated in the parade. The 3 meter high ship made by volunteers attracted great attention and allowed people to feel the joyful atmosphere. The entire event was immersed in a joyful atmosphere, announcing the news that black-faced spoonbill has arrived for autumn and winter, and welcoming adults and children to visit Taijiang National Park.

Director-General Lu of Taijiang National Park Headquarters also announced during the opening ceremony that the “Taijiang Black-faced Spoonbill Season” will introduce a series of eco-tourism activities over the next six months. During this season visitors will not only be able to see black-faced spoonbill, but also further understand Taijiang National Park’s resources and characteristics by participating in the activities. Participants will also learn about the relationship between ecological resources and the living environment. The activities are fun, informative, exploratory, and feature nature and cultural preservation, making them suitable for families to learn about environmental protection issues.

Support environmental protection as well as cultural and historical preservation with your actions.

Black-faced spoonbill is a protected migrating bird. In light of the shrinking habitat of black-faced spoonbill due to environment changes, Taijiang National Park Headquarters in 2011 commissioned Director Liang Chieh-Teto produce the ecological film “The Passenger in the Wind – theBlack-facedSpoonbill,” which took nearly 2 years to complete, to promote the conservation of black-faced spoonbill. Numerous film presentations have been planned in Liukong Visitor Center, where visitors can learn about the habits, migration, and domestic and foreign conservation of black-faced spoonbill and national park conservation concepts through the film, embedding the story of black-faced spoonbill deep in people’s hearts.

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