Bird Watching Activity

Bird Watching Activity
Kinmen National Park Lingshui Lake Bird Watching Activity.
The season of migratory birds has begun and visitors from the north have arrived in Kinmen flock by flock. Kinmen National Park Headquarters invited the Wild Bird Society of Kinmen to set up telescopes in the pavilion at Lingshui Lake, and provide explanations between 8:30 and 12:00 A.M. every Saturday and Sunday from November 16th (Sunday) to December 28th (Sunday), 2014, so that visitors may understand the beauty of migratory birds in Kinmen, as well as the biodiversity resources and interactive relationships between humans, animals and the environment at Lingshui Lake. Why not use a weekend to go on a low carbon trip to Lingshui Lake by bicycle (electric vehicle) and enjoy nature.

Kinmen National Park