Meiyuan Zhucun agricultural road

Meiyuan Zhucun agricultural road

Walk along the Meiyuan Zhucun agricultural road from Huitouwan (km 168 of the Central Cross-Island Highway) and go about 3 km past Jiumei Suspension Bridge, walk down the track at the right side of the trail, and you will reach Meiyuan.

The altitude of Meiyuan is about 1100m. Meiyuan was formed by the Taosai River and has a three-level terrace. It was the the Polihengan settlement of the Taroko tribe. Now it grows vegetables, pears and peaches.

Continuing forward from Meiyuan and passing the Taosai bridge you will reach the Zhucun (Bamboo Village). The altitude of Zhucun rise from 1050m to around 1400m. It is a 7-level river terrace. In spring, the peach and plum flowers bloom and their fruits matures in June and July. The fruit grows everywhere and tastes delicious.