Taiwan basically cultivates four types of cantaloupes: var. reticulates Naud., var. inodorous Naud., Cantaloupe, and var. albida Makino. The pulp can be red, green, or white. These muskmelon are rich in such essential nutrients as protein, lipid, sugar, calcium, and iron, as well as Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Each 100 g of pulp can have as much as 30~50 mg of Vitamin C, which can resolve hunger, constipation, fatigue, and lung issues, as well as help with heat and thirst. It is truly a miracle melon.

Chih Chia Farm

  • 雲林縣古坑鄉永光村光華路

Dalin Fruit Garden

  • 宜蘭縣礁溪鄉二龍村淇武蘭路30之20號

Good Machi Farm

  • 台中市霧峰區南阡巷69號

Healthy Fruits Agribusiness Firm

  • 彰化縣花壇鄉彰員路一段911號

Fong Shuo Orchard

  • 嘉義縣水上鄉大崙村89-13號