Bananas are a tropical fruit that ideally grow in warm environments. Taiwan has nearly 200 banana varieties, flavors of which vary significantly due to the different seasons. Bananas contain almost all kinds of vitamins and minerals and helps people to absorb critical nutrients. Bananas’ abundance of dietary fiber can help resolve constipation and prevent intestine cancer.

Kaohsiung Agricultural Story Museum - Banana
Banana of Qishan, Kaohsiung gains the reputation of Banana Kingdom for Taiwan and lays the foundation of export. Previously planting banana makes more money than office work and two bunches of bananas worth monthly salary of a public servant. In such background, a legend - Lu-Ting, Banana King of Qishan came out. Lu Ting sold the bananas he planted to officers of a sugar factory and Japanese who were going to return to Japan as gift; therefore banana of Taiwan was well known among Japanese.