Taiwan’s climate is dry in winter and spring but rainy in summer, which is ideal for growing lychee. The main production area is in central and southern Taiwan. Taiwanese lychees come in many varieties: Yu her pau has a fine flesh and is crunchy, sweet, and slightly astringent; Nuomici has a thick flesh and is succulent and sweet like honey; Black leaf has large fruit, large kernels and a succulent and soft flesh and is fragrant. Lychees are full of nutrients, including protein, vitamins, fat, citric acid, pectin, phosphorus, iron, etc.

Kaohsiung Agricultural Story Museum - Lychee
As a pride of Dashu District, Kaohsiung, Lichee Yuhepao has a nice color, thin skin, rich pulp, small seed and much juice with best taste among all kinds of lychee. The Father of Lychee Yuhepao - Wang Jin-Dai has researched the Wang's Flower Thinning Method through a long-term efforts, bringing the dying species back to life. Later he even developed much processed goods that have been sold around the world.