Agricultural tourism expert guide, A-Shin Chocolate Farm, Mr. Shu-Huang Gong

Agricultural tourism expert guide, Director of Activity Department, A-Shin Chocolate Farm, Mr. Shu-Huang Gong

Chocolate is popular, but do you know Taiwan has a chocolate farm? Let’s have Director Gong introduce the fun and interesting experiential activities in A-Shin Chocolate Farm
Agricultural tourism expert guide, A-Shin Chocolate Farm, Mr. Shu-Huang Gong

Q: “Chocolate” Farm is a less common theme in Taiwan. What are the origin and features of A-Shin Chocolate Farm?
A: The raw material of chocolate is coco, which is grown mostly in central and South America, Western Africa and Southeast Asia. But the climate is suitable for coco tree in the regions south of Chiayi, Taiwan. Also in the past years, farmers ran into developmental dilemma in growing betel nut trees; therefore, we start planting coco tress in Pingtung. Through processing techniques, we promote the generic brand and we hold Chocolate Exploration and Ecology DIY events to make the tourists understand chocolate further.

Q: What do tourists experience in the ”Chocolate Ecology DIY” activity in A-Shin Chocolate Farm?
A: We will conduct the tour guiding by walking everyone to the coco tree garden and closely observing coco tress. First step of DIY activity is to open the pods of coco fruits and taste its sweet-and-sour white pulps. We also provide chocolate jam and mould for tourists to express their creativity in filling a painting. Finally we put the work in the refrigerator for cold forming. This activity is especially suitable for parents and children to do together. It takes around 60 minutes.

Q: Are there other experiential activities on the farm? How should tourists participate in these activities?
A: Our “Little Farmer Planting DIY (小農夫一盒田DIY)”, an activity which you can paint a plant box and grow seedling inside, is catered to children’s needs. And “Essential Oil DIY” is popular among adults and kids who can make the essential oil mosquito repellent themselves. We welcome reservations via TEL or our website.

A-Shin Chocolate Farm
Address: Wangli Road (Wanlitong near YOHO), Hengchun Township, Pingtung County
TEL: (08)886-9696
Official Website:
Opening hours:
Summer (May-October) 09:00-19:00, Monday through Sunday
Winter (November- April) 09:00-18:00, Monday through Sunday
※Please make reservations via TEL or our website, or register on the spot 10 minutes before the activity begins. For a group more than 15 people, please call to make a reservation
Agricultural tourism expert guide, A-Shin Chocolate Farm, Mr. Shu-Huang Gong