Cultivated in both Taiwan and India, jujubes look like green apples. Traditional jujubes have been modified through professional Taiwanese techniques to achieve a tasty, succulent, sweet, crisp, and fleshy fruit, making it one of Taiwan’s high-grade products. With a shiny light green peel, jujubes are rich in vitamins C, B1, and B2. As for vitamin C, it has five times more than a watermelon, nine times more than a pear, and 20 times more than an apple, thus earning it the name “Vitamin C Fruit”.

Kaohsiung Agricultural Story Museum - Candied Jujube
Candied Jujube produced in Kaohsiung is the best jujube of Taiwan.The secret is fertilizer of milk and soil condition of Moonscape World. The soil contains rich trace elements; so it supplies natural and multiple vitamins to Candied Jujube. Adjacent Tashe and Yanchao are both the major production areas of Candied Jujube.