Yangmingshan Bamboo Lake Flower Season|Most Colorful Valley Tour

Jai Fu Garden – Romantic Calla Lily Field

Located in Yangmingshan National Park, Bamboo Lake (also known as Zhuzihu) offers an ever-changing landscape as cherry blossoms, calla lilies, hydrangeas and orange daylilies take turns to bloom in different seasons of the year.

Harvesting Calla Lilies in Chest Waders

Seated at the bottom of the highest elevation of Bamboo Lake, Jai Fu Garden is a wetland calla-lily garden. As there is no entry charge, all you need to enjoy a relaxing afternoon is to buy a drink. If you wish to experience calla-lily harvesting, you may pay a fee to go into the field in a chest wader. By wearing a chest wader, you can go nearer to the flower field; and ladies should wear shorts when wearing a chest wader to make walking easier. Instruction will be provided on how to harvest the flowers. You will need to turn your palm downward and pull out the flower, and you will hear a curious pop sound when the flower is extricated. The unique experience of wading in mud while wearing a chest wader is not common in other calla-lily fields.

Even if you decide not to experience the harvesting of calla lilies, you can still take photos of displays within the garden or with calla lilies purchased from the shop. While taking in the beauty of the garden, you may want to enjoy a drink or have a dessert in leisure; or simply walk freely in the garden and capture the beauty of your surrounding with your camera.

▎Merchant Information
Jai Fu Garden
Tel: 0928-624802
Address: 68m passed No.68, Zhuzihu Rd., Beitou District, Taipei City
Business hours: 13:00-18:00

Tsao Wonderland – A Secret Enclave Hidden Away in Yangmingshan

Bamboo Lake’s largest flower field –Tsao Wonderland is a tiered garden. Even though it does not have calla lilies, it is the most tranquil place in the entire Bamboo Lake area. The owner is a florist who has constructed a dream cottage where tourists can pick flowers or any foliage plants in the valley to decorate their own dining table, or learn how to make dried flower bouquets from the owner.

Hydrangea blooming season starts in May. The first picture shows the displays of hydrangeas previously.

The flower field offers a spectrum of different colors through the seasons. Immediately following the stunning sea of hydrangeas in May and June, you will be greeted by vibrant blooms of orange daylilies, cosmos and cherry blossoms as the seasons change. In fact, the garden has up to 30 species of flowers. During non-flowering season, you may also take part in a variety of floristry classes. For instance, in the “Tea Party Table Floral Arrangement” class, you will be picking your favorite flowers and foliage as you wander around the tiered garden and learning to decorate your tea table while enjoying the spectacular valley scenery.

Afternoon tea at the flower field is also a unique experience. All beverages and desserts are handmade with a thoughtful balance of nutrition and taste. Highly recommended are the rose tea and handmade cakes. Other activities offered include the dried-flower design day tour, plate floral arrangement for dishes using local ingredients, and Bamboo Lake dream garden day tour. The combination of lively in-depth tours and cuisine with flowers are activities unique to Tsao Wonderland. Contact Tsao Wonderland for more details of activities available.

Spread over approximately 3,306 square meters, Tsao Wonderland features a dried-flower cottage with charming decoration, and adorable ornaments and wreaths, for tourists to take photos (permission must be obtained in advance). Handmade fruit vinegars are also available for sale.
All flowers, plants and vegetables grown in the flower field are grown organically. Pick your own fresh vegetables and enjoy them with your afternoon tea!

▎Merchant information
Tsao Wonderland
Tel: 02-2862- 5886
Address: Beside No.33-7, Zhuzihu Rd., Beitou District, Taipei City
Business hours: 7:30-18:00