Taiwan Tour- Eastern Taiwan

Traveling in the beautiful Lanyang Plain, visitors can enjoy the splendid view of mountains. Visiting Yilan during Chinese New Year to experience the simple life in farming villages, visitors can pick the golden dates to make preserved fruits and ride the bicycles in the winding paths for the fresh air in the countryside.

Zhengtou Shan (Mt. Pillow) in Yuanshan Township, Yilan is like a pillow because of the curves. This is one of the earliest developed leisure farm areas in Yilan. Fragrances of flowers and fruits as well as the lake view are all around because of the farms, fruit gardens and ponds, and all one can see is the mountains and water.

This area produces golden dates, and every bright golden orange pulpy fruit hangs on the twigs is for visitors to pick and make the preserved fruits in the Orange Country. Visitors can also make a lovely bonsai with succulent plants. Within this area, there are beautiful mountains, ponds and rivers. Visitors can have afternoon tea and walk around leisurely, bask in the sun and have fun in the country side.

►Add: No. 18-6, Pocheng Rd., Zhenshan Village, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County
►TEL: 03-9230785

[Huaquan (Flower and Spring) Garden Restaurant - Organic Tasty Leafy Vegetables]

There is a stretch of ginger flowers on the farm and the light fragrance of them is all around here. Visitors will find a coffee garden, a Jabuticaba garden, an Acerola garden, a garden of medicinal plants, a ginger flower field, the lovely animal area, the spring area, the alfresco area as well as the viewpoint; there are also the fresh vegetables to harvest, together with the DIY noodles and braised pork from Tianmama- what a tasty meal!

This is a good place for families to visit because both parents and children will be surrounded by the nature. And strolling in Huaquan Organic Leisure Farm is like coming to a fairyland, visitors can easily tell the trees and grasses are so alive. The bushes in the river and the reflection of the sky make people leave the hustle and bustle of the world behind!

►Add: No. 15-1, Bajia Rd., Shande Village, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County
►TEL: 0919-221506

[Atayal Cuisine- Indigenous People's Dishes]

They feature the indigenous people’s cuisine that meets modern people’s health requirement and the chef insists to use the freshly picked seasonal vegetables and natural spices, mostly Maqaw and shallots. The shallot chicken, pork belly bun, Maqaw sausages are all featured dishes here. The menu in the restaurant is changed according to all kinds of inventions, so to serve a variety of creative dishes beyond the traditional ones.

►Add: No.2, Lane Yulan, Songluo Village, Datung Township, Yilan County
►TEL: 03-9801903

The new uncharted scenic spot in Jiaoxi has mountains and rivers as well as the tall standing bald cypresses. It is a picturesque view, and it is a kind of spiritual bath if you are here to practice mindfulness or take some picture of the nature. Coming to the farm ponds, “Sancengping”, visitors will first see several ponds lying from high to low, separated by the stones and the water flows along the terrain. The babble of running water and the bald cypresses in the background stops visitors who simply can’t wait to shoot pictures and seize the moments.

►Add: No.2, Lane Yulan, Songluo Village, Datung Township, Yilan County