Five Must-Visit Happy Farms in Taoyuan

The busy lifestyle in the cities is tiring. City dwellers always seize weekends and holidays to relax in the outdoors. The following are 5 local farms in Taoyuan that offer great views and various DIY activities to heal your body and mind; temporarily you won’t be occupied with those trifles and worries in life.

If traditional wood craft arts always catch your attention, you must not miss Sanhe Wood Crafts located in the alley in Daxi District. They offer wood crafting and farming activities in which beans play a key role. And the activity starts from making the mould for tofu. The repeated sounds “ko, ko, ko” is rhythmical in the background during the mould making process and the rhythm gradually relaxes people down. When the square mould is finished, it looks like a light yellow exquisite treasure box. Then pouring the heated soybean milk into the brine, and waiting till it becomes the uncongealed tofu. When the tofu is steamed and cooked in the mould, the air is filled with the light tofu aroma. When the time is up and the moment to open the wooden cover, we see the beautiful result of the day, pure white tofu, is in front of us. Such an experience is beyond description, and it also balances the busy pace of life.

Coming to Feng Huang Jia, you will see a quaint Japanese style shaped by pieces of wooden furniture and smell the scents of various herbs emanating from the garden. This is an uncharted place in Luzhu District. The most popular healing experience must be “Plant Dyeing”. Collecting the seasonal flowers and leaves in the herbal garden, visitors have to observe the shapes of leaves, leaf veins and the colors carefully, and then slowly print the shapes of these flowers and leaves on the clothing by hitting with a mallet. Worries and troubles seem to go away when you finish dyeing. The final step is to stamp the mark of tallow leaf on the work, a piece of art in season of your own. And the fresh flowers and leaves in front of you seem to relive on the clothing. Your heart will be filled with happiness and satisfaction beyond description.
Dadi Happy Land that grows all kinds of herbs is also in the area. The farm owner, a certified handmade soap instructor, is going to take you into the heartwarming world of handmade soaps. To make the soaps, firstly, is to collect a proper amount of herbs and grind them into juices, then stir everything with 4 different oils of various proportions for 40 minutes before pouring the mixture into moulds in shapes such as calla lily and macaron. When waiting till it gets dry, you can appreciate the pure whiteness of the soap, as if the empty mind is filled and the heart is healed. Stamp the soap with a mark of the farm to end this DIY activity that is both aesthetic and healing.

The pleasant afternoon is a right time to come to Yipinxiang Ecological Farm, about 300m above sea level, so the scenery is always changing along with the seasons. There is a rich resource of timber in this area and this place is also a source if you are looking for handcraft inspirations. The wood cutting machine makes wood slices with proper thickness. Then the laser machine is operated to slowly carve out the flowers, bees, etc. and every piece of work is a unique one. You can also make the home deco pineapple by the wires, through twisting and intertwining the wires over the woods, little flowers and windmills are created as the beautiful decoration.
During the mesona flower season, come to Old Cattle Gardening Leisure Farm filled with mesona flowers as if you were in a purple bubble. The puffs of breeze can make people beam without knowing it. After picking and drying mesona, you can also enjoy a bowl of Hakka mesona soup that tastes chewy and a bit of spicy.

TaoyuanDagushan Leisure Farm

Feng Huang Jia
Tel: (0988)-890-075
Add: No.6, Alley 20, Lane 666, Shanbi Rd., Luzu District

Taoyuan Kangzhuang Leisure Farm

Dadi Happy Land
Tel: 0915-458-320
Add: No. 660, Lunhou Rd., Dayuan District

Taoyuan Kangzhuang Leisure Farm

Sanhe Wood Crafts
Tel: (03)-388-1870
Add: No. 36, Alley 671, Kangzhuang Rd., Sec. 3, Daxi District

Taoyuan Yangmei Leisure Farm

Old Cattle Gardening Leisure Farm
Tel: 0933-216-102, 0980-271-230
Add: No. 381 -1, Yanghu Rd., Sec. 3, Yangmei District