Trip to Miaoli in Fall/Winter Time 7 Scenic Spots to Experience Joy of Life

Taian Hot SprIng in Miaoli is only 2 hours away by car from Taipei, therefore, it is an ideal destination to enjoy hot spring both on the weekdays and weekends. Asides from the hot spring, the strawberry season in Dahu is about to begin. Winter is the best season to relish strawberries. Meanwhile, the maple leaves in Malabang are turning red, visitors can enjoy the scenery when going hiking.

In addition to the popular scenic spots, there are many agritours and DIY activities in Miaoli worth taking or seeing. We recommend 7 nice destinations and show you various DIY activities of agritours.

1. Flower Home

Flower Home is a garden featuring flowers and herbs. There are flowers, herbs, and a vast lavender field on the farm. Flower Home also organizes seasonal floral show. The layers of the floral sea is deliberately designed. Besides the vast field of flowers, there is also a wall of flowers, each has its own specialty.
Flower Home has its own Essential Oil Extraction Room and Essential Oil Boutique where showcases several essential oils of their own invention. Visitors can try these essential oils and this boutique is a must go for essential oil enthusiasts.

2. Flying Cow Ranch

It is the first complex recreational farm instructed and certified by Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan. The ranch has 6 feature ecological areas, 4 different catering services and 2 accommodation styles for visitors to enjoy the park and animal farms . There are also regular interactive activities for parents and children available, free of charge. The shop carries homemade dairy products such as rich milk candy, ice cream and souvenirs featuring the ranch.

3. Mile High Leisure Farm

It is only 20 minutes away from Sanyi Railway Station and Dahu Street. Located on the hillside at an altitude of 700 meters above the sea level, it is a leisure farm with the Tianmama restaurant “staying in the clouds”. The homemade cuisines integrate Hakka flavors and local gingers.
Passion fruits, vegetables, turnips, and strawberries are the produce in fall/winter seasons. The farm offers DIY passion fruit pudding activity in winter, welcome the adults or children to experience the wonder of nature.

4. Sanbanqiao Leisure Farm

Sanbanqiao Leisure Farm is a complex farm, transformed from a wood carving studio into the one and only artistic leisure farm in Taiwan. Currently there are an Opera Mask Cultural Museum, Face Loving Accommodation, Camping Site, and Food Education activities on the farm.

This is an ideal agritour destination for parents and children. “Egg Picking in the Chicken Coop” is endeared to both grownups and kids, and there are also spontaneous painting event for parents and children to join, or activities such as dyeing Hakka blue blouses as well as DIY opera masks.

5. Yi Farm

The owner of Yi Farm, Mr. Yifang PENG was the winner of Shennong (Patron of Agriculture) Award, and he has dedicated most of his life in the orchard. His grey hair is the indicator of his rich agricultural experiences.
Yi Farm is open to visitors to pick different fruits on the farm by seasons. For example, sweet oranges from October to December, mandarins and bergamots in November and December, navel oranges, lady oranges and sanbokans available from November through next February. Besides, there are DIY detergent activity, guided tour, Hakka cuisines for those interested, please make a call and reserve a spot in advance!

6. Secret Garden

The owner is a landscape and horticulture expert and applies his learning and experiences to the design of this garden. Each tasty cuisine presented by the hostess shows her ingenuity. She prepares the appetizers or side dishes in the restaurant herself. This pear and olive dish, for example, is filled with a tab of fruit fragrance and tastes crunchy and refreshing that I couldn’t stop myself reaching out for more.

7. Hoka in Sanyi

Sanyi Township positioned itself as a slow town and promotes slow life and slow food which are shared by Hoka’s business philosophy. Hoka values food education and would like the visitors to know the source of foods, so activities are developed accordingly for visitors to learn the relationship between the land and food materials. To provide quality food materials, vegetables grown in Hoka are pesticide or insecticide free so to harvest from the nature as much as possible. Visitors are brought to the vegetable garden for the DIY activity and vegetable picking, because of farming practice in the garden that parents and children are free of food safety concern.