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Yi Lu Restaurant

Tian Ma Ma Yi Lu Restaurant is in the Taiwan Provincial Consultative Council in Wufeng, Taichung. The environment is quiet and beautiful with the green lands. You have to come here to taste mushroom dishes that are full of flavors and original tastes of the ingredients.

The Food and Farming Policy is implemented so the ingredients all come from farmers in Wufeng District. The meals are the combination of mushrooms and Taiwan famous Yiquan Rice in Wufeng.

The sake, Honjozo-shu, made of the Yiquan Rice is the treasure of the restaurant. Honjozo-shu Chicken, the improved version of traditional sesame chicken, replaces rice wine with the Honjozo-shu and the mushrooms produced in Wufeng are added in. And the Fried King Oyster Mushroom uses the stout and thick fleshed mushrooms which are very juicy.

Dishes are prepared by the low oil, sodium& calories and high fiber concept so that customers can enjoy the tastiness and health benefits. Do not miss Yi Lu Restaurant when visiting Wufeng!


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