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Baocong Ranch Pastry Shop

Baocong Ranch Pastry Shop is by Dayuan Interchange in Taoyuan and Baocong Ranch is right across the road. The Tian Ma Ma, Baocong HUANG, milks the cows twice a day, in the morning and evening. Then the milk is cold shipped to the pastry shop to make all sorts of dairy products so the freshness is guaranteed.

Baogui XU, one of the 10 greatest female farmers of Shennong (Farmer God) Award 2006, said “I learn how to run the ranch business with my husband’s family. Watching the elderly make handicrafts, I found I am very interested in making pastry and desserts; hence I registered in Tian Ma Ma program held by the farmers’ association and dreamed to be a pastry chef someday. “

The pastry shop started from serving breakfast. The small shop started from the dairy products such as fresh milk, yogurt, milk tea and fresh milk steamed buns and now there are almost 20 snacks.

All products are made of fresh ingredients of the day and easily sold out; therefore, there is nothing left for home delivery. These moms run the pastry shop together and enjoy the busyness. The ranch and pastry shop unites the moms and the customers can feel their warmth and sweetness from tasting these products.

●Freeway <br/>Airport Line of Taiwan Freeway No.2. Drive off ramp at Dazhu Interchange, head to Qingpu, the left exit, turn left at the first traffic light and the ranch is right next to 7-11.<br/>●Bus<br/>Take Bus No. 5086 at Taoyuan Station (Route:Taoyuan-Wukuaicuo-Dayuan), and get off at Wuquan Ranch Station <br/><br/>Take Bus No 5078 at Zhongli Station (Route:Zhongli- Jianguo 8th Village), and get off at Wuquan Ranch Station<br/><br/>●High speed Rail<br/>Get off at Taoyuan Station and take Bus 206 (Route: HSR Taoyuan Station- Taoyuan); get off the buss at Baocong Ranch Station <br/>

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最愛鮮奶饅頭夾蛋 再來一杯鮮奶茶 阿姨很親切

Daniel Elliott
1 年前

It's like a bakery. Very cozy. Fresh milk for sale by the cup or larger. Also cooked us up some green onion pancake and radish cake.