Yilan Count Sanxing Townshi

Scallion and Garlic Restaurant

Many people visit Sansing Township, Yilan County for the sweet and fresh Sansing Green Onion. Sansing Village is abundant in rainfall and the soil and water is less polluted so to produce quality green onions. The white part is obviously longer and the texture is fine and it is juicy, aromatic and sweet without hot and spicy taste. Because of the strong aroma as well as the crispy mouth feel that it turns into the main role of a dish from the supporting role of general cuisines.

To satisfy the visitors’ expectations, the Farmers’ Association of Sansing Village renovated the original barn into Scallion and Garlic Restaurant. There are all sorts of scallions and garlic cuisines developed by the Tian Ma Ma Program, and the menu is adjusted every 2 to 3 months to follow the seasons so there are hundreds of dishes that bring in good business.

“The average daily usage is 15kilo of Sansing Green Onions.”, said proudly the Tian Pa Pa, Dunqi LIU. The sophisticated cooking skills are not necessary because the tastiness of Sansing Onions can be expressed by simply boil then some oyster sauce sprinkled on it.

The three treasures in Sansing, “Sansing Green Onions, Garlics and General Pears”, can all be ingredients. Every 1st July is when the General Pear is available, and the seasonal Onion&Pear Meal uses the sweet and juicy General Pear that has the fine texture together with the brisket, neritic squid and chicken soup. The harvest season of General Pear is July through September; the production is little and the cost is high so that it is only available in the place of origin. Therefore, the Onion&Pear Meal is very popular in the summer time.

The hottest product to take away is “Red Yeast Rice and Onion Bread”, where the homemade red yeast rice by Yilan Winery is integrated into the dough. The outer layer is chewy and the inner layer has multiple flavors from the minced pork and cuts of onions. The onion and garlic feast is available year round here. If you feel like having more, the fresh green onion, General Pear and various agricultural produce in Yilan are on the shelf in the exhibition center nearby so that you could bring them all home.


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