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Rong Yi Healthy Food Shop

The processed food products such as Luwei, and pickled vegetables are preservatives free, cold shipping all the way. The Tian Ma Ma, Zhiyi ZHUANG, said “ Our products are freshly handmade with our passion. And we hope to make more youngsters know the local food materials and promote the healthy ideas.”
Leonurus, the traditional Chinese medicine, is used to process the food and make a distinctive seperation from western herbs. Mom Zhiyi said, “ The wild leonurus grows by the fields and near farmers’ houses. My mother used it to make soup for my sisters and I. Because leonurus can regulate the menstruation and quicken the blood, therefore a great herbal medicine for females.” In order to keep the ancestors’ wisdom, she and other moms sundried the leonurus then made it into marinade, and spent more than 1 month to adjust the flavor. Finally they have the Leonurus Iron Egg and braised food such as bean curds, which are delicious and healthy.
Enzyme Pickled Vegetables used to be the side dishes in bentos; through the words of mouth, it turns into the popular souvenir. It uses same proportion of fresh fruits and sugar, fermented in the vat for 2 months. Then the juice is took out to marinate cabbages and bok- choy for a week and the sweet-and-sour crispy enzyme pickled vegetables are finally done. It can be an appetizer or served with noodles, rice or for the hotpot soup stock. And they even developed the pickled-vegetable sausage, with ingredients of Jinmen Kaoliang Liquor and CAS certified pork so the fresh flavor is available and it won’t be extra burden to the health.
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