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Taijiang Restaurant

Sicao district abounds in oysters and milkfish; its production champions those in other places in Taiwan. There are also Taiwan porgy, weever, grouper, giant tiger prawn and white-leg shrimp cultivated, together with the short and long range fishing, so the best fish products and food materials are available here. Taijiang Restaurant offers fresh and local food materials and prepares the scrumptious cuisines in local ways.

Popular Dishes
The Steamed Sour and Sweet Giant Grouper is made of cuts of giant groupers weight more than 18 kgs and cordia dichotoma, Watermelon and Milkfish soup as well as Fried Noodles with Oysters are popular dishes can’t be missed.
If you come alone, you may choose Seafood Pot Cooked Noodles, Fresh Shrimp and Seafood Congee or Fresh Shrimp Fried Noodles where perch meat, shrimps, oysters, grilled pork slices, squids, and eggs can be found.

Having Tofu Pudding made from non-GMO soybeans, Brown-Granulated-Sugar Shaved Ice or Snow Ice Dessert after the meal is an absolute bargain satisfying the craving.

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