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No 65-1, Datung Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County

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The Tian Ma Ma of Sailfish Café, Yanzhen HUANG, said, “Tian Ma Ma program promotes the idea of using...

The Tian Ma Ma of Sailfish Café, Yanzhen HUANG, said, “Tian Ma Ma program promotes the idea of using local food materials, which is consistent with my own ideas on food materials. We offer the freshest food materials to our customers and feel a great sense of achievement seeing customers know how to cook the seafood and praise our dishes.” The café is delicately decorated with a clean ambient. The featured dishes are sailfish of different parts: Soy Sauced Sailfish Tail, Sautéed and Roasted Fish Belly, sashimi, triangular bone, and the belly bone, etc.

The Signature Fish Hotpot has the sailfish bone, fruits and vegetables stewed for the soup stock, and it is monosodium free. The boiled ocean sunfish and Mahi Mahi is slightly seasoned that the original flavors of the fish really satisfy the taste buds! The dessert “Seafood Konjac Jelly” tastes chewy and the jelly is actually made of the ocean sunfish skin, together with some lemon fructose, it becomes the most popular seafood dessert in the Café.

Sailfish Café also offers home delivery service. The super low-temperature freezing technology overcomes the quality and freshness issues of the seasonal fish and the quality of fish has won the recognition from domestic and international experts. There are 60 odd fishes available for frozen food home delivery, and they are chemical additives free so that the tastiness of fresh fish is available year round.

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