Hsinchu Count Xinpu Townshi

Restaurant of Farmers’ Association in Xinpu Township

Xinpu Township in Hsinchu County is abound in waxberry, apricot plum, dried persimmon, Maogu Tangerine, and grafted pears. Restaurant of Farmers’ Association in Xinpu Township is located by the vast greenish rice fields; upon our arrival, these passionate moms took out their homemade aged dried radish, pickled cucumbers, and improved Korean fruit kimchi to whet the customers’ appetite, as the prelude for the upcoming Hakka cuisine.

Grandma Zhangzhuang follows the traditional approach to make the aged dried radish, which disinhibits the heat and lowers the blood sugar as well as the blood pressure. It can be sautéed in dishes or used for stewing chicken soup and making rice dumpling. The taste can be a bit salty in the first bite, and the aftertaste turns sweet. The improved Korean fruit kimchi has fruits and vegetables such as pumpkins, apples, lemons and pineapples fermented naturally and it is preservatives free, the slightly sour and spicy flavor carries the natural sweetness of the fruits.
“Potherb and Mountain Fern”, “Red Yeast Rice and Pepper Salted Ribs” and “Hakka Crucian” are the signature Hakka dishes. “The Lucky Tangyuan” is the masterpiece by these Tian Ma Ma; they use the fresh fruit and vegetable juice (pumpkin juice, black rice, spinach, and Chinese yam) to dye the tangyuan with different colors. The dried persimmon is a specialty in Hakka villages; it is said to care of the trachea, so the chef uses the dried persimmon to replace the azuki beans and make the soup that is full of Hakka flavor of Xinpu area.


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不是很多人但上菜等了40分鐘、380 元一份的白斬雞居然只有兩塊胸部肉一個雞翅膀、雞骨頭!太離譜了!



Sunny Liao
2 週前

好吃。價位算便宜。我們6大2小。花費2400。 一湯,2麵,7菜

Kuei pan
2 週前

以一個外地遊客的角度看料理 今天一家五口點了 「蝦仁炒飯」:一般般,但飯沒炒開,有很多黏塊(飯也沒煮對) 「炒板條」:油蔥...油蔥,或許我們家對油蔥的接受度沒很高吧....所以老媽只吃一半,基於不浪費,全家分食。 完切! 「客家小抄」:裡面放了油蔥...第一次吃到這樣,味道中等偏鹹,只是油蔥讓我驚訝! 「薑絲大腸」:沒有酸菜,滿滿一盤薑絲,切的很粗的薑絲,而且那個酸...我以為是放了醋精,一口就麻嘴了,沒有任何嗜口性,只有尖銳刺激的白醋酸味 「福菜肉片湯」:是福菜嗎?口感乾柴沒什麼味道,肉片薄如紙很透呢..... 「白斬土雞」:口感不錯,沾醬太酸 「菜脯蛋」:中規中矩,了無差異 「小農時蔬」:是油菜,只是感覺不出是小農種的...但比其它炒青菜貴 這些應該是一般人對客家菜的基本菜色吧!但覺得失望

jill Lin
1 個月前

好像換老闆了...味道都不一樣了 每道菜都加了胡椒.... 從炒粄條到炒青菜....