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No. 137, Zhongzheng Rd., RenWu Village, RenWu District, Kaohsiung City
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Mrs. Liqun Zhang applied to join Tian Ma Ma in 2003, and she turned the drying grain field into a ki...

Mrs. Liqun Zhang applied to join Tian Ma Ma in 2003, and she turned the drying grain field into a kitchen and purchased the kitchen equipment step by step. She works with another 6 moms for Chinese, Taiwanese and Hong Kongnese cuisines and pastries and they can easily make a table of dishes.

The business has already been in place for 10 years. They started from making traditional rice-and-flour pastries and now catering is their main service. Mom Liqun said, “We didn’t know anything at the beginning so we followed the program arranged by the farmers’ association, and participated in the workshops and local cooking contests. We got good results and gradually built up our brand awareness.”

Currently the main business is catering, which takes the number of customers, budget and age groups into consideration; they use creativity to customize the menu. Chinese cuisine, baking and bartending are not problems to these moms. Any forms of get-togethers and parties are opportunities for them to show their talents.

These moms not only work hard but also learn hard that they proactively cultivate a second expertise. They said smilingly, “We live and learn because learning makes us young.”

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