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Lingcheng Rice Dumpling

The Tian Ma Ma of Lingcheng Rice Dumpling, Mingmei LAI, laughingly said she is a typical “Tian (meaning land)” Ma Ma, “My husband comes from a farming family, in order to consume our agricultural produce, the Tian Ma Ma program participants and I developed rice dumplings of various flavors.” She and her husband now runs Lingcheng Rice Dumpling together and they take telephone reservations and offer home delivery service, besides they go to Tainan holiday market every second and fourth weekend to sell the healthy and yummy grain-rice dumplings.

Water-Chestnut-and-Grain-Rice Dumpling is their signature dish featuring the water chestnuts from Guantian District. Grains, cereals, mushrooms and lean meats are supporting roles to enhance the aroma and flavor as well as the mouth feel and the health benefits.
Vegetable-and-Grain-Rice Dumpling includes 5 vegetables (the sweet potato, lotus nut, pumpkin, yam and carrot) in addition to 7 grains and cereals; the dumpling is high in fiber that many moms buy it home as their staple.

Ice Rice Dumpling is for vegetarians, and the sticky rice takes 4-5 hours to be cooked. Unwrapping the dumpling-- it is yellowish that the rice grains are not obvious but the azuki bean filling is slightly shown.

Besides there are Lotus Bean and Grain Rice Dumpling for vegetarians, Yolk Rice Dumpling, and Peanut Rice Dumpling for vegetarians, which are improved from traditional high-calory dumplings; instead, these are healthier and lighter high-fiber rice dumplings.

Mom Mingmei is not only good at making rice dumplings but also devoted to the promotion of Water Chestnut Dyed textiles─the soup boiled with water chestnut shells and water chestnuts for the natural dyes. She said this is cooked dye; she is curious about all kinds of plants and continues testing for different dyeing results. Currently, there are about 10 kinds of natural dyes and she is also engaged in teaching. She hopes to have a space for dining and dyeing for customers to see the different aspects of water chestnuts in the future.
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