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No. 6-1, Shilin Street, Dongshi District, Taichung City

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Dongshi Forest Garden is said the Yanming Mountain of central Taiwan. There are four major topics he...

Dongshi Forest Garden

Dongshi Forest Garden is said the Yanming Mountain of central Taiwan. There are four major topics here: spring sakuras, summer tung flowers, fall maples, and winter plum blossom. And there are activities such as firefly season, bird or frog watching so that the four seasons are all good to enjoy the fun in nature-- inhaling the phytoncide and embracing the nature to relax the body mind and spirit.

Forest Café

Tian Ma Ma Forest Café in the garden offers both coffee aroma and the natural scenery for the visitors strolling in the Forest Garden to have a relaxing place.

As I walked into the Forest Café surrounded by the dense forests, the dining environment with a big French window was really surprising. The old trees aged hundreds of years are around and watching the layers of mountains from the terrace is refreshing, and that is really luxurious enjoyment for city dwellers. The Forest Café with Tian Ma Ma offers various set menus and desserts. Local food materials are carefully chosen and the homegrown herbs changed along with the seasons bring the dishes simple and original flavors.

Besides the abundant choices of dishes, the afternoon tea—such as a glass of seasonal juice and the fresh made ice cream muffin can help relieve the stress and pressure in the city life.

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早餐很難吃,晚餐套餐好一點,炸物比較好吃,大家說的蒼蠅我沒有看到,但是住在東勢林場裡,這家餐廳以^方便^取勝。 裝潢也很不錯。

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