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No. 6, 9th Neighborhood, Luoshan Village, Fuli Township, Hualien County

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Liushi Dan Mountain Leisure Area is famous for the day lily floral sea. Every August and September i...

Liushi Dan Mountain Leisure Area is famous for the day lily floral sea. Every August and September is the best time to appreciate the flowers. Tourists often take a rest in Agricultural Produce Center of Fuli Township on their way to watch day lilies in Liushi Dan Mountain.

Fuli rice in Hualien is the varietal Kaohsiung 139, whose mouth feel is like that of Japanese rice, sticky and don’t get old easily. Even it is cooked and gets cold, it won’t turn hard but stay chewy. It is nutritious and healthy.

The Farmers’ Association named it “Fuli” which is a nostalgic flavor and hence very popular. Bento used to be the lunch for local farmers’ convenience during the busiest time in harvest. Farmers’ Association in Fuli introduces the bento with flavors in the old time in hope to promote the delicious rice meal through the affordable village bento.

The local grown vegetables are chosen bento ingredients, and there are seasonal adjustments of the side dishes. The spiced egg, sausage, dried bean curd, pickled cabbage and cucumbers, vegetables, fried meat, flour doughnut are home made and freshly made each day to have the original tastes of the food materials. The appetizing thick gravy that goes along well with the chewy rice awakens every one’s memory of tastes in the childhood.

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