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Fish Onshore

Fish Onshore is a Mediterranean style restaurant with a paranoma view of the fish port and the beautiful sunset. There is fresh fishery on sale from day to night everyday.

The program participants stick with the Tian Ma Ma “3 low and 1 high healthy diet” principles which mean low in oil, sodium, sugar and high in fibers. The dishes are improved and emphasized “light meal and original flavor” and local fresh fish products so the customers can experience an unusal fishing village lifestyle.

Here in Fish Onshore there are Mambo products to taste, such as Mambo sausage, Mambo fish balls, Mambo fish floss, Mambo Popsicle, and Fish bento. These are delicacies can’t be missed.

The traditional fishery teaching by the Fishermen’s Association and Dolphin Watching Tour, DIY artifacts, and offshore Fish Ecological Teaching and Mambo Color Painting together with the fresh fish products caught every day make the visitors feel the bidding excitements on the spot. We sincerely welcome your visit for the body, mind and spirit enjoyment.
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