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Cun means village. A customer’s joking saying, “ Here are all wood sculpture stores and no restaurants can be found; do people eat wood or logs?” promoted the bold and straightforward mom, A-Xue, to open a restaurant, the featured products are ponding tea, set meals and agricultural produce as well as B&B service. Joining Tian Ma Ma in 2004, then the Hakka dishes she learned from her mother-in-law have been listed in the menu and it is now a compound restaurant.
Mom A-Xue said, “Hakka diet is salty and little sweet. Sugar is hardly added in the dishes. Also because most Hakka lived in the mountain that it was not easy to travel to cities to shop so that Hakka moms all have developed a self sufficient ability and they make dried turnip, preserved vegetables and tangerine pastes, etc.“
Pork Steamed with Preserved Vegetables, Shreded Ginger with Intestines, Hakka Sautéed Dish, and Dried Turnip&Pork Soup are authentic Hakka flavors; dishes change along with the seasons, Sautéed Bamboo Shoots and Marinated Egg with Bitter Gourds are good appetizer choices.


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04/23 Friday

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拜六跟朋友一起去吃 ,點五菜一湯 本看菜單寫小份 ,有點擔心吃不夠 結果量還滿夠的 ,而且味道滿夠味 白飯15元吃到飽 ,cp滿高 大腸酸溜酸溜可以配好幾碗 不過比較沒鍋氣 ,差了油香 後來看到海報寫三低(低油低鹽) 就可以諒解

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價位是一般價但是份量很少,土雞大份450元只有不到半隻雞,土雞小份320元只有大約一隻大雞腿。 算是景點旁的觀光餐廳。

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