Yilan Count Datong Townshi

Atayal Flavor Restaurant

The restaurant started in 2002, a family business from the mother to the son and the dishes are very Atayal.

Alianthus Prickly Ash Drunken Chicken
Sauces made of alianthus prickly ash over the drunken chicken and the passion fruit as well as green papayas make the dish, which is very popular in summer time. The texture of the drunken chicken is tender and juicy; the passion fruit and green papaya enriches the taste.
Makau Sausage
The sausage is made of black pork, and it is very tasty either roasted or fried; and finally drizzle the Makau sauce to make the dish.
Steamed Sandwich with Free Ranch Pork
In the past, the indigenous people used alianthus prickly ash and coral reef Makau as the food materials or spices. The feature of the steamed sandwich is the flour bun which is made with alianthus prickly ash powder. And the pork is from the free range pigs raised in the mountain. Pork sautéed over high heat then sandwiched into the bun, which is the indigenous people’s burger.


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Mami Chen


Mami Chen
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Tony Hsiao
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將原住民風味融入一般家常菜中, 馬告、刺蔥、山豬肉、山茼蒿等, 飯後水果奉上蘭陽溪盛產的西瓜。 在地 + 當季的食材,除了新鮮外, 更是別有一番滋味,這也充分顯 現出文化涵化與雜異化的現象。

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店家服務態度親切 平價消費餐食豐盛 適合團體全家大小 值得一試值得推薦

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