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Mulberry Garden Bakery

Mulberry Garden Bakery was founded after 921 Earthquake. Mrs. Wen-Mei HOU was a housewife then, and the disaster brought her to be aware of changes in life. She thought to herself, “Is my life going to be like this?” Then she realized she would like to have her own business so she learned Chinese cooking, bartending and baking and found she is especially interested in bakery since she loved eating bread when she was young. So she invited others who shared the common interest and vision to establish Mulberry Garden Bakery, a dreamland of all.

Mrs. HOU’s family grows mulberry that is harvested in March or April and the harvest is made into mulberry jam. Other seasonal food materials will be made into plum vinegar or fruit jam. The raw materials of the pastry come from the homegrown fresh fruits. They make the fillings from the raw materials and handmake the dough for baking. These desserts don’t look fancy and there is no chemical sweet flavor or smell, instead it is the slight sweetness satisfying our palates.
Handmade Yam Cake uses taros from Dashi, Nantou. The taros are rich in starch so that when it is cooked till creamy, the light aroma of taro as well as the mouth feel of the particles are well maintained. Plums are harvested every April. Mrs. HOU makes the pickled plums. The plum marinade aged for 2 years together with the butter beans are used to make the Plum Cake, which has the nostalgic salty, sour and sweet flavor that is comforting.

Mrs. HOU recalled those days starting up the business, it took more than a year to confirm the product flavors and they didn’t have a store yet that they started from scratch to offer product tasting from door to door. Mrs. HOU said, “these difficulties have made me more open-minded.” They insist that the products don’t wait for sale so only when they get the orders they start hand making products. These moms are honest and straightforward with a hard working attitude that brings many return customers.

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