Penghu Count Xiyu Townshi

Xinyue Bay Restaurant

The food materials used in Xinyue Bay Tian Ma Ma Restaurant are fresh, such as local prime seafood, meat, and vegetables including Penghu loofah, Penghu pumpkin, cabbage, peanuts, aloes, dragon fruit, waxberry, figs, tomatoes, and bananas which are low carbon foods produced and sold locally and cultivated organically. The owner and the Tian Ma Ma program participants take good care of the business that meets the modern expectation for health and organic foods. The healthy and organic concept can be taken away after customers enjoying the delicious meals.
Rosemary, basils, perilla, peppers, stevia, mints, and parsley are grown in the garden. Customers can find spices for exotic or traditional diet here. Local food materials are utilized and the cooks take both traditional flavors and creative cuisines into consideration to provide consumers unusual tasty dishes. The purpose of such efforts is to present scrumptious cuisines of more flavors.

Come to Xinyue Bay Restaurant and B&B to have the brand new experiences of healthy local foods!

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