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No. 59-4-, Guantian Village, Guantian District, Tainan City

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Manchurian pickled cabbage has rich lactic acid bacteria, refined fibers and vitamin B1,B2 and C; it...

Manchurian Pickled Cabbage

Manchurian pickled cabbage has rich lactic acid bacteria, refined fibers and vitamin B1,B2 and C; its low calories makes it a healthier dish. And the Korean style kimchi is the best side dish for hot pots and savory stinky hot pots. All products are examined, no artificial additives and no pesticide residues.

Aroma- Its natural fermentation makes the finished product aromatic; cooking with soup stock fully brings out the aroma that carries sourness, but the sourness is not irritating. Instead, it can be said the best aroma of quality Manchurian pickled cabbage. <br/><br/>Flavor- For the mouth feel, the stems or leaves are tender and crispy, in the sourness there is sweetness. The soup is tasty and it won’t get pappy when cooked overtime.<br/>

Korean Style Kimchi

Features<br/>1. Sour, crispy, aromatic, tasty and spicy<br/>2. Bright red in color<br/>3. Handmade and marinated in traditional approach and the kimchi can be cooked for a long time<br/>4. Fermented naturally, no artificial additives/ preservatives<br/>5. Stored in low temperature (-18℃)<br/>Ingredients: Cabbage, shallots, gingers, garlics, and peppers (96% are local agricultural produces) <br/>

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