Taichung Cit Dongshi Dist

Pin-Jia Hakka Eatery

Pin-Jia Hakka Eatery has made a name for itself since it joined Tian Ma Ma in 2004. The eatery was moved to current location and expanded its business in 2007. Mr. Changye ZHANG, the second generation who is now in charge of the kitchen, said “Though we are Hakka, facing the changes of environments and cultures in recent years that our habitual diet has been refined to low sodium and low oil from high sodium flavors. ” In summer, the grafted pears native to Dongshi are in the dish, a fresh, crunchy and sweet local Hakka dish.

Black Bean and Pork Trotter
Black Bean and Pork Trotter is a unique dish that uses the black beans and rice wine as instructed in the old recipe, and the chef has another 15 Chinese medicines such as lycium, red dates simmered together so to make this dish even richer and healthier.
Simmered Dajia River Fish
Simmered Dajia River Fish uses the river fish caught in Dajia River steamed together with cordia, shallots, garlics and peppers for 6 hours and the fish bones are soften as if nothing and the fish flakes are really tender.
Pineapple and Pork Jowl

Pineapples are often used in traditional Hakka dishes. Mr. Zhang chooses the pork jowl instead of chitterling, slice the pork jowls then fry in the wok, add in the spices, pineapples and agaric seasoned with rice wine and soy bean sauce then sauté till aromatic, flavor the dish with some vinegar before serving.

Though Zhang Ma Ma is occupied with the business in the restaurant, she spares time making pickles, which takes place at the roof space of the restaurant. The pickled vegetables and radishes are used for the dishes and the pickled plums and fruit vinegars are popular souvenirs.


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黃興舒Shingshu Huang
2 個月前

鱘龍魚地瓜湯很有特色。 鱸鰻很美味! 招待客人好友的好地方!

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餐廳明亮乾淨,接待也很親切。單點菜色100~300, CP值很讚

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特推黑豆豬腳湯,豆腐乳,酸筍炒空心菜,雞肉,非常好吃。 服務親切。