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No. 196, Jialun, Dawang Village, Taimali Township, Taitung County
089-781677, 0910559777(Tsai),0970-230021(Zheng)
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Chingshan Farm, a Tian Ma Ma Restaurant located in Jinzhengshan Leisure Farm area, is at the altitud...

Chingshan Farm, a Tian Ma Ma Restaurant located in Jinzhengshan Leisure Farm area, is at the altitude of 800 meters on Jinzhengshan. The building was built in 1967 served as the processing factory of daylily as well as the rest space for the labors.

Since the 1st Floral Season was held by the farmers’ association of Taimali in 1998, the original pick, harvest and processing style has been changed into leisure agriculture. Currently there are sakura, Taiwan lily, hydrangea, daylily through 4 seasons and light worms, sunrise and starry night for visitors to enjoy in the nature.

The food materials on the farm come mainly from the daylily, gingers, tea and vegetables of four seasons grown in the Jinzhengshan area, as well as the produces in Taimali such as roselle, cajan, jackfruit, and sakya, together they are turned into various dishes. Asides from Chinese cuisines, there are also snacks, desserts and beverages of local features available.

We look forward to seeing you here in Chingshan Farm where there is a beautiful and natural environment and ecology. Also we’d like to share our environmental friendly efforts of local production and local consumption with you!

Travelling by Car:

Southbound or northbound passing through Provincial Highway 9, locate the CPC Gas Station, at about 402.5km, in Taimali Township and there is Jingxuan Road (an archway with a daylily flower sign at the entrance) as a fork in the road next to the station. Follow Jingxuan Road up to the mountain. It takes about 30 minutes from Provincial Highway 9 to the farm.

Travelling by Train:

Get off the train at Taimali Station then take a taxi, which costs NT$500/one trip.<br/><br/>

Travelling by Airplane:

The fastest way, more expensive though, from Taipei to Taitung is to go by plane. Fly to Taitung airport then take a taxi to the farm.

Travelling by High Speed Rail (HSR):

Take HSR to Zuoying Station then change train to Taimali Station

Travelling by Scooter:

Route is the same as that of travelling by car. It takes around 30 minutes from the entrance of Jingxuan Rd. to the farm.

Travelling by Bicycle:

It sounds very crazy but there are plenty visitors cycling up to the farm. But the time it takes varies, for the league of athletes it takes 1 hour; while the slowest record is 4 hours. We believe the fastest and slowest records would be broken at any time.

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