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Mother Tian Changying Seafood House

Milkfish Restaurant is a member of Fishery Production and Marketing Group of Jiali District Tainan City and it started developing all kinds of milkfish processed products years ago. The milkfish sausage made of fish only is welcomed and the dried milk fish is a traceable agricultural product and got the certificate to export to EU. And the restaurant uses a unique cold dry technique to turn the dorsal fin rich in oils and fats into fish fillet, which again receives positive feedback; therefore, another product milkfish maw for sauté is developed.

The traditional individual fish farmer in the remote village has developed the milkfish related products and deeply is aware of the importance of the origin of food; so to make consumers feel confident with what they eat, the farmer decided to invest in
chemical free milkfish cultivation.

To have more people to taste the quality local fish products, the farmer started to learn doing business. Whether it was the failure during the development or the loss incurred by chemical free cultivation, these were all painful to take for an individual farmer. However, The Milkfish Restaurant has made it.

Because the founder has the vision that the restaurant sticks to, and also because of the insistence, they have got the recognitions from central and local governments. Welcome to taste the delicacy!
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08/04 Wednesday

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Shu Fen Lin

每一道菜都很有特色 家人吃得很開心,最後再來一道冰涼的「昏跪」超級好吃😋

Shu Fen Lin
1 個月前

麵線糊料多好吃 炸魚料理讚 沒吃到魚肚有點可惜

Ching-Yi Lin
1 個月前


CC Hsieh
1 個月前

這裡的黑糖昏跪 就是好吃到讓人忍不住大老遠跑來只為吃碗昏跪。😋

James Chen
2 個月前

對長輩很友善的店家 料理獨有的特色,很有台南海鮮味 值得自己和帶外地友人來嘗鮮