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Goat Ranch

Following the winding paths in the fields, visitors can easily find “He Guang Ranch” as well as the famous “Goat Ranch”. He Guang Ranch has a history of more than 20 years and there are more than 400 herds of sheep. Goat milking takes place daily in the morning and in the evening and the milk is processed into all kinds of goat milk products with the Tian Ma Ma’s help.

The female owner, Qiuxiang LIN, said, “ Our goat milk is fresh and mellow; there is no goaty and musky taste.” She was first the sheep mom and later the Tian Ma Ma. She told us, “ We didn’t have capital when we were young. My husband would like to be in husbandry business, so we started with 5 herds of sheep, raising them and shipping fresh milk.”

There is 6-hectare grazing, free of pesticide, next to the ranch. The green juice, 100 % extracted from the grazing, is full of grassy smell and is fresh, nutritious and healthy. The green grazing steamed bun made of pennisetum purpureum schumach juice is rich in chlorophyll so the bun carries a slight grazing aroma.

The most interesting thing here is the goat milk hot pot that is mixed by a certain proportion of goat milk with soup stock, added in vegetables and mushrooms produced by Production and Marketing Group of Farmers’ Association in Luzhu District; the milky white soup has the natural sweetness from the ingredients and the mutton slices boiled in it is tender and juicy.

With group reservations on weekdays, the ranch is open to the public on weekends or holidays. Both adults and children can feed the lambs milk or pasture, and they can also milk goats or attend the ewe pageant. This is a nature classroom for parent-and-children on holidays. If tired, visitors can have a glass of fresh goat milk along with some snacks made by pasture; there is nutrition and delicacy of the goat milk and pasture.

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餵羊時間下午的改成4:00到4:30喔! 早上一樣是10:00到10:30

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免費可以餵羊 很不錯 要注意時間

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餵羊時間下午上午10:00 -10:30,16:00-16:30 要注意蚊蟲

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在都市中能夠有個地方能看到羊咩咩,真是太好了! 城林橋下有腳踏車租借站,很多附近拘會來走走,附近還有些人工濕地~ 是個容易轉換心情的小地點