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Countryside Leisure Farm

A Few Words from the Owner

Have you seen cucumber plants? Do you know what pomelo flowers look like? Do you want to observe crickets, grasshoppers, mantis, frogs, toads and butterflies in their natural habitats? Have you ever pulled sweet potatoes or carrots out of the ground? Come here to find the answers yourself.


This is a farm for all seasons. There are beautiful cherry, plum and peach blossoms, as well as bright red camellias in spring. In summer, you can have a barbeque under the tall pomelo trees. Autumn is the harvest season for pomelo, and then in winter there are oranges. All year round, the farm also offers healthy and pesticide-free vegetables.


Take Small Bus No. 3 at Kunyang MRT Station. Ask the bus driver to drop you off at the Daqiutian Earth God Temple. From the Temple, turn right and walk about 300m to the farm.


GPS:E121 36.25

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07/29 Thursday

旅客評價 (Google Map)

1 個月前

城市裡的小森林是滿酷的 但整體不是很好 不會再去

6 個月前

建議自帶食材 環境還可以 廁所是流動廁所 黑蚊有點多

1 年前

導覽老師教學有趣 小朋友都玩得滿開心的 設施無法與大型農場相比 但是也不像其他農場一樣商業化的感覺 放鬆心情體驗就會知道這裡的美好

Anne Chou
1 年前

到這邊打漆彈與烤肉,漆彈的防護工具只有面罩,頭套,脖子巾跟迷彩衣褲,沒有頭盔護肘護膝與防彈背心,因為防護不充足,我們有三個人被打到頭頂腫起來超痛的~ 3000元的烤肉料頗差,提供火柴生火而不是打火機,覺得頗差…… 廁所是流動廁所,味道蠻重的,真的蠻髒的~

Jeff Sun
3 年前

覺得要更用心些 會去的都一定是團體 建個固定式的廁所會很難?看大家說廁所內髒 原來的是因為他只提供幾間流動廁所 場地比想像中要小很多 Diy 做鑰匙圈 和植物的 都很差 千萬不要做 浪費錢 $100都不想做 密室逃脫ok 工作人員會幫忙