Taichung Cit Shigang Dist

Shigang Traditional Food Restaurant

921 Earthquake trembled and torn apart the Tian Ma Ma’s homeland in Shigang District; original job opportunities were gone but these Tian Ma Ma depended on their cooking skills and started courageously and hopefully, turning the adversities into opportunities. In the face of destroyed houses and farmlands, they exerted the sensibility power with smiles and faith and hunged the kamban of “Shigang Traditional Food Restaurant”.

Anka and Longan Rice Cake
The restaurant is next to the farmers’ association. Many customers make a reservation to enjoy the meals that are traditional Hakka flavor. In recent years, they hand made the red yeast rice as the base of healthy food materials and developed various desserts from that. For “Anka and Longan Rice Cake”, first sauté the dried longan, anka sauce and cooking wine till aromatic, then mix with the steamed round sticky rice; sauté till the sticky rice is chewy. Anka can soften the rice so the longer the rice is chewed, the more aromatic it is. The refrigerated rice is not hardened or dried, so either cool or warm the rice cake is, both flavors are good as if it was just ready to serve.
Anka Wined Chicken Roll
The gourmets usually order the Hakka mung bean noodles, together with the Anka Wined Chicken Roll and the daily side dishes. The Tian Ma Ma prepares the food as if for their family, so low oil, sodium and sugar is emphasized. The handmade anka sauce amplifies the nutrition and flavors of the dishes for diners to have a fulfilling meal while eating smart.
Beehive Cake
“Beehive Cake” is created by the Tian Ma Ma. It combines food materials for traditional steamed sponge cake and honey cake, toasting instead of steaming, the cake body turns fluffy like a beehive, carrying a strong milk and caramel aroma. It is now a famous product in Shigang. And don’t forget to bring the marmalade and marinated plums on your way back, so you can still have the delicacy of Tian Ma Ma at home.


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