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No. 6, Jianmayuan, 9th Neighborhood, Lilin Village, Dahu Township, Miaoli County
+886-37-877546, +886-931-477655

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Gan Lu has been promoting natural diet ever since it was founded. Natural diet means a food culture ...

Gan Lu has been promoting natural diet ever since it was founded. Natural diet means a food culture that respects the nature, follows the earth and soil, appreciates and cherishes the foods. In each dish, there is a spirit of live-together-and-thrive-together sharing with the nature. Gan Lu complies with the seasons and uses local organic food materials in season as the thread to develop organic vegetable cuisines that are of local features, in hope to bring consumers a Michelin-starred meal authentically from farm to table.

Condiments for the dishes are local oil products, traditional handmade soy sauce and brown rice vinegar. No chemical additives used to ensure food safety. The cooking way emphasizes low carbon and energy saving which is environmental friendly and no deep fry in high temperature, instead, raw food, cold and dressed with sauces, steamed and boiled foods that keep the food flavors and nutrition to take care of the diners’ health. We want to provide a more friendly diet through the attitude that respects and loves the nature, appreciates and cherishes the blessings, to book a future that is harmonious, helping each other and true, virtuous and beautiful for our offspring and all living creatures.

Signature Dish: Basil Doufu

Introduction: Marinating organic soybeans with sea salt, the handmade fresh doufu together with the organic basils grown in the farm- the combination of basil and soy bean- makes it light and delicious and therefore popular!

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