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Yu Lu Tea Restaurant

Don’t miss the unique flavored tea meals when you are here in Yu Lu Tea Restaurant! Yu Lu Tea Restaurant attracts tourists through the Yu Lu Tea feast and local breakfast. The tea feast is a great feature in Yulan Leisure Farm Area. Yu Lu Tea Restaurant provides the full course tea meal. The tea carries slight aroma so it won’t deprive the original flavors of the foods and it is light so it is a healthier seasoning. There are a variety of ways to integrate tea in the dishes and that is the main attraction gourmets keep returning.

Boston Ivy with Pork
Green tea and honey black tea leave powders are used for the buns of the steamed sandwich. The pork chop is fried to rid its greasiness before it is braised. Before it is ready to serve, add in the honey black tea powder and sauté for the aroma of tea. The preserved vegetable is home grown and home made. The peanut powder and coriander are added to enhance the overall flavor.
Smoked Tea Eggs
Boil the eggs to make the yolk soft, then soak the eggs in the tea for 8 hours, and finally smoke the eggs to have the delicious smoked tea eggs.
Smoked Oolong Duck
Local Yilang ducks, 1.5-2.5kg, are chosen. Clean the duck and marinate it for a while before it is simmered with the tea and finally smoke the duck. Making this dish takes a lot of work.
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鄉下地方就是簡約風,好樸實的地方。蔬菜超級新鮮可口,特制刈包更是風味絕佳,值得試吃看看。鴨肉也不錯 我個人覺得最最最好吃的是豆腐,那道豆腐實在很下飯。

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