Taitung Count Luye Townshi

Zheng-Yi Tea House

An island wide famous cook, Mrs. Fu uses the red oolong tea from Luye in her dishes, which are delicate and healthy. She said laughingly, knowing the nature of red oolong tea so she can use the tea to enhance the flavors when it is cooked with other food materials. Mrs. Fu fully masters the cooking arts of making healthy and scrumptious dishes in her cuisines, which are colorful and aromatic.
Mrs. Fu makes great tea, as well as her cooking, that is worth tasting. Wanna have a good cup of tea and enjoy a good meal? Welcome to Zhengyi Tea Garden for Tian Ma Ma, Mrs. Fu’s flavor cuisines. Only coming here can you tell whether the tea or dishes are good. Anyhow, it is a good place full of flavors in Luye.
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07/30 Friday

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人少慎入 我們一行4人,在店開始營業前打電話訂位,電話中店家仔細的詢問了我們的人數後表示,不接受訂位,請我們去排現場。 於是乎.. 我們開著車子展開花東動不動3-50分鍾的長途移動,到了店家,整個餐廳只有一桌落座,我們再次接洽,店家表示..目前沒有“位置”請我們“等”,當時5點鍾左右,店家表示,6點多“可能”會有位置,1個多小時後的“可能”,我們再次表示先訂位,我們先去附近逛逛,這時候店家接待人員表示無法訂位,也無法保證等1個鐘頭可以有位置。 放眼望過去都是大圓桌,頓時我們了解我們被人數歧視了,人數是一開始就表明的,店家大可訂出big day不接散客的規定,沒必要耍客人,開門做生意講究的是主客互相尊重,條件合則來,不合則拒,這樣把客人耍著玩很有趣嗎?

Chin-hua Hou (Chin)
1 週前

算人頭的計價方式 餐點非常下飯也都很好吃 用餐環境很乾淨、出餐速度適中 吃得很飽

8 個月前


Yang Kevin
8 個月前