Taitung Count Luye Townshi

Zheng-Yi Tea House

An island wide famous cook, Mrs. Fu uses the red oolong tea from Luye in her dishes, which are delicate and healthy. She said laughingly, knowing the nature of red oolong tea so she can use the tea to enhance the flavors when it is cooked with other food materials. Mrs. Fu fully masters the cooking arts of making healthy and scrumptious dishes in her cuisines, which are colorful and aromatic.
Mrs. Fu makes great tea, as well as her cooking, that is worth tasting. Wanna have a good cup of tea and enjoy a good meal? Welcome to Zhengyi Tea Garden for Tian Ma Ma, Mrs. Fu’s flavor cuisines. Only coming here can you tell whether the tea or dishes are good. Anyhow, it is a good place full of flavors in Luye.
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Weather 陰短暫雨 陰天 陰短暫雨 陰時多雲短暫雨 晴時多雲 晴時多雲 晴時多雲
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Rainfall Probability 30% 20% 30% 0% 0% 0% 0%
04/14 Wednesday

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價格合理, 一人300 餐點都配好,不能單點, 能吃飽, 口味不會太重, 不過覺得沒有很合胃口, 純粹我個人感受 生意是還不錯, 如果到附近沒有喜歡的, 還是可以嚐嚐

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