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Qiao Fu Rice Bakery

Tian Ma Ma of Farmers’ Association in Pingzhen City was founded in 2011, made up with 6 home economics moms. Through various programs and courses, they brainstormed with the instructors and developed all sorts of baking products made of local food materials.

The association has promoted to grow Taiwan rice variety “TNGS22” for years and planed to develop and diversify rice made products. They make rice products as souvenirs by using TNGS22 rice powder and the honey produced by the honeybee-keeping program instructed by the association.
Since 2014, farmers have been instructed to grow Wheat Taichung S. No. 2, and the wheat powders are used in a series of wheat products such as whole wheat bread, wheat biscuit balls, etc. Under the instructions of experts and scholars in food safety, nutrition, food processing and marketing fields, a variety of delicious and healthy wheat products are developed based on the 3-low-1-high healthy cooking concepts (low oil, salt and sugar and high fiber) and local fresh food materials.
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