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Qiao Xuan Restaurant

What are the specialties in Shiqiang Village, Miaoli? Come to Qiao Xuan Restaurant and you will see. Strawberry, taro, and red dates are the local food materials for creative dishes in the menu. Shiqiang Village of Gongguan Township in Miaoli has the only red date tourism orchard in Taiwan. Every mid July to end of August is the harvest season for red dates. The fresh fruits are edible and the mouth feel is similar to that of apples. The dried red dates are rich in vitamin C, with a sweet taste.  

The area of Qiao Xuan Restaurant is about 330m2 which used to be the red date orchard. Years ago, the Tian Ma Ma, Ruyu LAI, and her husband returned to their hometown from Miaoli city, and they plan hard and use the knowledge learned in Tian Ma Ma program as assistance so the local specialties such as red date, taro, strawberry are shown in Chinese, Hakka or seafood dishes. The sweetness of red date can be tasted in their “creative red date cuisines”, “red date Japanese style salad” and “red date fried rice” which are light and refreshing!

Sautéed Yam Cake
Sautéed Yam Cake is the first dish highly recommended. It is the signature dish consumers always order. The quality Colocasia esculenta var. esculenta (taro) from Gongguan and the indica rice milk freshly made, together with mushroom, minced meat, shallots and shrimps are made into the cake and then the cuts are sautéed in the hot pan to have the golden crispy skin. You will taste the dense flavor of taro and have the chewy mouth feel in the bites.
Handmade Chive Boiled Dumplings
Ruyu LAI’s mother-in-law uses their homegrown chives to make the “Handmade Chive Boiled Dumpling”, an out and out homemade dish. Each and every dumpling looks so filled cooking in the pot. Plain though, it is scrumptious. The red date sausage also has a unique flavor. It uses the local red date juice and the prime black pork to make the sausage, which carries a tad of red date aroma. Fans of the sausage also bring it home to share with their families.

The red date sausage, Tian Ma Ma hand made cookies and the yam cake can be souvenirs for customers to savor at home. Qiao Xuan Restaurant, striving to promote the local specialties, not only gains the great support of mothers, but also gathers the local strength. The restaurant is warmly glowing by the red date fields in the countryside of Miaoli.


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