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No. 165-2 Fenchi Hu Lake, Zhonghe Village, Zhuchi Township, Jiayi County (next to the Fenchi Hu railway)

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“Gu Dao Cooking Lady” is next to Fenchi Hu train station. Walking into the restaurant is like going ...

“Gu Dao Cooking Lady” is next to Fenchi Hu train station. Walking into the restaurant is like going into the kitchen of a mountain family. The Tian Ma Ma, Sumo CHEN, is a native of Mei Shan and she was born in a farming family. After marriage, she moved to Ali Mountain area and started growing teas and bamboo shoots. Serendipitously, Father WAN of the church down the mountain hill invited her to run the church restaurant. She got inspired in the cooking field and continued the work for 20-some years and it won her the fame of cooking lady.

She is good at conveying the local flavors through cooking. The Ali-Mountain bamboo shoot, tea and high mountain vegetables are used for the dishes. She tells the stories on local culture and people through her homemade dishes and has up to 45 different ways to cook the Ali-Mountain bamboo shoot.

Tea Pork

The recipe of the award-winning dish “Tea Pork” is to make the oolong tea first, and then the black-hair pork is soaked in the tea to rid the smell. The spareribs are oil basted then stewed with soybean sauce, mirin and brown sugar till aromatic and finally topping it with the Jin Xuan tea floss and white sesames. The tea flavor will spread in the mouth.

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份量超多。點$4000桌菜 10個人吃不完。好吃

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巷弄裡美食 有其堅持口味 人忙裡還有親切的笑容 如果你有到此奮起湖一遊有機會來此品嚐物美價廉的美食 不過最好能前一天預定以免向偶 店內只有4張桌子 其餘菜色就不拍照片了 再拍會被啃光了

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