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Fairy Lake Leisure Farm is in Nanshi Village, Dongshan District, with an area of 52 hectares. It is rainy in summer and dry in winter here, which is good for the growth of longan trees-- the longan fruits are big while the seeds small. Little rain in winter enhances the sweetness of the fruits; eating the pulpy texture of the flesh is really an enjoyment.

The Tian Ma Ma utilizes the sweet and warm properties of longan to add flavors to the dishes and nurture the body. The popular “Longan and Egg with Sautéed Ginger in Sesame-Oil ” was the post natal meal in the old days, and the Tian Ma Ma puts it in the menu and she sautés the ginger and longan flesh in the sesame oil before adding the egg wash to stir fry into a sweet and salty egg dish. It will surely warm the body up in the cold wintertime.

“Dragon Crouching over a Pearl” is a dish that peanuts are stuffed in longan; “Potherb Roll” is the poached vegetable fern rolled up in the nori flake. “Potherb Pot for Health” is the free-ranched chicken soup together with the sesame-oil sautéed ginger and dozens of potherbs and Chinese medicine. Even the ceylon olive used in the sauce is home grown. You won’t find this unique concoction and pot dish anywhere but here in Fairy Lake Leisure Farm.

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