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No. 6-2, Helaoliao, 1st Neighborhood, Nanshi Village, Dongshan District, Tainan City
+886-6-6863635 (Contact: Mr. Sun)
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Fairy Lake Leisure Farm is in Nanshi Village, Dongshan District, with an area of 52 hectares. It is ...

Fairy Lake Leisure Farm is in Nanshi Village, Dongshan District, with an area of 52 hectares. It is rainy in summer and dry in winter here, which is good for the growth of longan trees-- the longan fruits are big while the seeds small. Little rain in winter enhances the sweetness of the fruits; eating the pulpy texture of the flesh is really an enjoyment.

The Tian Ma Ma utilizes the sweet and warm properties of longan to add flavors to the dishes and nurture the body. The popular “Longan and Egg with Sautéed Ginger in Sesame-Oil ” was the post natal meal in the old days, and the Tian Ma Ma puts it in the menu and she sautés the ginger and longan flesh in the sesame oil before adding the egg wash to stir fry into a sweet and salty egg dish. It will surely warm the body up in the cold wintertime.

“Dragon Crouching over a Pearl” is a dish that peanuts are stuffed in longan; “Potherb Roll” is the poached vegetable fern rolled up in the nori flake. “Potherb Pot for Health” is the free-ranched chicken soup together with the sesame-oil sautéed ginger and dozens of potherbs and Chinese medicine. Even the ceylon olive used in the sauce is home grown. You won’t find this unique concoction and pot dish anywhere but here in Fairy Lake Leisure Farm.

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Lu Haoming
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聽說這是個已經有年代的休閒農場。不過首先要先讚揚一下這裡,如果是有年代的農場,這裡的年代看得並不清晰。直到目前,都還看得到農場不斷投入經費進行改建改造新的設備。現在寫下的紀錄可能是不夠美好,但相信可以持續地跟上時代的腳步。畢竟經營一座休閒農場並不容易,讓我們為店家一起加油吧。 這裡是在台南近郊,少數可以觀賞美景的地方。大部分觀光區到山脊的地方看的都是都市的夜景,例如岡山之眼之流。這裡不用開很遠的車程,就能遠眺閃閃燈火的夜景。而在白天,可在不同角度看到不同的景色。如果你喜歡看一片翠綠的山谷,又不想爬很遠的山路,這裡就是最佳選擇。在山腰處,有規畫座椅可以好好放空,看著山谷,偶爾會看到幾隻獵鷹在空中盤旋,很適愜意。 可能會覺得同樣的價位可以在都市吃到更好的佳餚,這點就需要請朋友們多擔待,畢竟這麼大面積的農場,經營成本相當的高阿。美中不足的地方,雖有哺乳室,但有時候時機就是這麼不巧,需要哺乳的時候,需要爬到山頂上的哺乳室。農場內又不許開車,這點就是會比較辛苦了。請大家要多留意阿。

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有大大草皮跟泳池適合小孩放電 朋友們休息聊天喝茶的好地方 餐廳桌菜太貴

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